Quick Post: Re:Vision Holiday Car Meet.

So on my quest to find cool cars and meets here in the state of Maryland, my newfound friend Danny Rodman (the guy with the really awesome MX83 Cressida from 100 drifters of December), told me of a meet this past Friday in Rockville, MD, just a little outside of Washington D.C. Although I got there a tad late, there was still a small group of cars outside of this shop despite the frigid weather.
Variety was the thing to take from this meet as the cars ranged from Domestics, to VIP rides, to drift cars, to even high end exotics and electric cars, there was something for everyone.

I saw a small handful of cool cars but I couldn’t take many pictures of them because they were outside in the darkest of parking lots. I was hoping there’d be a little smidgen of light outside, but alas, I wasn’t so lucky. I did manage to take a few photos, but I won’t go into detail about this meet. I’m praying that car meets in Maryland aren’t in pitch black conditions like this one, cause it’s really hard to convey what goes on when you can’t even see your own hands!

Four door luxury car or two door sports car?

Pretty rare first gen All Trac with a weird looking second gen RC hood

You'd think I was at a brothel with how pink these lights were.

Inside the actual shop, people kept warm and checked out some local rides.

A very tidy S13 SR motor resides in this Sil-Eighty.

**insert GoldMember reference**

This S13 was very clean both in and out.

Tesla making it's rounds.

Seems kinda odd to see a Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale next to a bunch of imports.


Till next time!