Back in Action: Richie Ngo’s Track/Street Honda S2000.

Stance is dead.

No doubt if you and some buddies get together, it’s pretty normal to do one of a few things- talk about cars, talk about women, or talk about more cars. A very controversial subject that is now coming up while talking with booze in one hand is the state of stance. When I was talking to a colleague of mine recently, he boldly declared, “stance is dead.” Now I’m not going to be stirring any pots here by talking about what most people think HellaFlush/Stance is, but I want to clarify what exactly “Stance” means to me. In my opinion, “stance” is not about how a car looks in correlation with its tire/wheel fitment, or even how low the car sits on the pavement. It’s about “presence”, or how a car makes you feel by taking one glance at it. I often use the term presence to describe a car that I’m attracted to. We’ve all felt this presence in one way or another, Darth Vader felt this when Luke Skywalker walked onto a spaceship, I’ve felt this presence when I looked directly into the eyes of a raging bull. I have the urine stains to prove it.

When Mikey was telling me about his buddy Richie Ngo’s Honda S2000 I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical because, for one, it was in The Woodlands, and two, it was a Honda, which typically meant that it would be somewhat understated. My stereotypes were put to rest when I finally laid eyes on the beauty that you see before you. The first thought that came to mind after seeing the front of the car barely hovering over the cobblestones it was providing shade for was how the car gave off a track like presence as dictated by its stance. You didn’t have to be Darth Vader to realize that this car’s presence was from the dark side, but in a good way.

Formula D Irwindale: Fatlace’s One of One Part 2.

Formula D usually brings three main flavors to the table, a drift competition, a car show, and some shorties (talent). In this edition of our continuing Formula D coverage, we’ll show you a few interesting cars that participated in the Fatlace OneOfOne car show.

The beautiful Californian sun setting on beautiful Californian rides

Doze Asses

Showgoers await the results near the Fatlace tent.

This GS on JP Scaras was too damn gangster for us

HellaFun: The Fatlace/StanceWorks 512 Project Pt. 1

A couple of months ago Ben Terry from Stanceworks and I had a sit down here  in Houston at a bar called Lucky’s. Lucky’s sits in the heart of downtown Houston and has some pretty damn cheap drinks so, as you can see, we had a few.  The topic of the conversation you ask?  An offset inspired meet that would encompass many of the already fat squatting, great fitment cars that reside in Texas as well as various whips from around the nation.  The guest on the list?  Mark Arcenal from Fatlace. One of the key influencers within the current offset movement on the west coast and now spreading like wild fire across the nation with his Hellaflush division of Fatlace.   This was a pretty big deal because Mark has yet to have any real presence in Texas except for his fans, who follow the Fatlace work on the west coast as well as some of his notorious car builds.

Stanceworks x Fatlace

Stanceworks x Fatlace

Location City for the event? A no brainer, Austin, Texas, centralized for the main Texas cities, good food, great babes and a laid back all around atmosphere.  Hence the name the 512 Project, and being that it was an “offset” collaboration between Stanceworks and Fatlace in the end, well, it ended up being called a Fatlace X Stanceworks Black Label.  Black Label was crowned because both groups have their own types of events already, Stanceworks (Stance of the Union) and Fatlace (One of One and Hellaflush) and this was there…you guessed it, a Black Label.

The Stanceworks Crew

The Stanceworks Crew


The Fatlace Battle Flags

The Fatlace Battle Flags

When Ben got back to me a couple weeks later with a meeting spot in mind within the Capital, the call went a little something like this, “John, you won’t believe the location I have found for the 512 Project..dude, a private race track.”  I sat back for a second and thought, damn this is brilliant.  Some of the most non-functional cars on the road laid flat out on the track makes for a very ironic and unique scenario.  “Do it Ben!” …. and the rest was history.

Beautiful Track

Beautiful Track

Coming from an events background, most people have no idea the amount of complications that can go into an event, especially one that has no platform to create off of.  When you are trying to do something different for the first time it can be rather difficult, but I think Ben, Mike Burroughs and the crew at Stanceworks did a great job for the first go around.  Plenty of hype, nice cars, a new formula, and cool guests made for an excellent day in the 512 at the Project.  And for just 8 weeks of plan and execution time, a damn good result.

The crowds were out

The crowds were out

Many E-Famous cars

Many E-Famous cars

Quite a few came from other States

Quite a few came from other States

Speaking fo E-Famous

Speaking fo E-Famous



The was a shorty or two.."Hey Yo!"

The was a shorty or two as well.."Hey Yo!"


We will be back soon with our in depth coverage of the 512 Project as this is just pt. 1  We have jobs, gotta make the ends, and build cars and drink, so until then, enjoy.

—  JohnP

The Mayday Capital Run: The Massive Rollout to the 512 Project!

Welcome to the official rollout to the 512 Project, The Mayday Capital Run. The Capital Run is an ALL INCLUSIVE caravan to the great Capital of Texas for the Hellaflush x Stanceworks Collaboration, the 512 Project. A 160 mile trek from Houston and a 200 mile trek from Dallas are the respective lengths that measure the runs to Austin, so arrive to the 512 with the rest of your fellow enthusiasts by meeting up in the Saturday AM of the 26th at one of two launching points, Houston or Dallas:

Houston Leg

Houston Leg

The Houston Mayday Capital Run Leg contact is JohnP, and can be contacted via

The Dallas Mayday Capital Run Leg contact is Richard “Dick” and be contacted via


Dallas Leg

Dallas Leg

The Mayday Capital Run:

The Mayday Capital Run is not limited to just those participating at 512 Project, but for all enthusiasts that want to get together for another Mayday event, HAVE A BLAST ON A FUN RUN, and want to enjoy the open road. Not to mention all of the fun that goes on in Austin!


When: The Last Saturday of June, June 26, 2010

Launch Checkpoint: Rollout locations will be announced 3 days before the Capital run and will be announced here on this forum, and on twitter handles, “MaydayJohnP”and “MaydayDavidD”.

Where to ? : Our Great State Capital, The location of the 512 Project, and one of Playboy’s top picks for a great time; Austin, Texas

Route from Houston: I-10 -> 71 -> Austin

Route from Dallas: 35 South -> Austin

Mayday Capital Run Additional Information:


Depending on how long you will be staying in Austin, you will most likely be wondering where everyone will be staying, as well as rates. As Mentioned on, the official hotel for Saturday night is the Aloft Hotel, which can be found at Aloft

The Capital Run Schematics:

Mayday understands that everyone has a different taste for driving, some like to cruise, and some like to drive. Mayday will be using a system to accommodate ALL of these drivers, whether you are carrying a setup for the 512 Project, a show car, or just a spirited enthusiast, all are welcome on the Mayday Capital Run, and schematics of the run will be provided the day of launch!


The Mayday Capital Run will consist of photographers who will have their own position in the Capital Run to capture the full effect of the event. If you are interested in participating in the Capital Run as a photographer or videographer; PM JohnP or email for more information. Title the email Photographer Request.

Rules of the Mayday Capital Run:

1.) Mayday is not responsible for any tickets, wrecks, or broken down cars that one may encounter on the Mayday Capital Run.
2.) This is not a Cannonball/Gumball 3000 style race; it is a Fun Run/Cruise style of event. Speeding is not encouraged!

3.) No Mooning on the Mayday Capital Run

4.) All Texas State Driving laws are in effect, State Troopers have every right to pull you over if you are driving outside of the law, as mentioned before, Mayday is not responsible for people’s buffoonery.

5.) Respect other drivers

6.) Have Fun!

*For those planning on participating in the 512 Project please go to for registration information, remember, this is a stance/offset/slammed inspired event, so if you feel you got the goods, do it! However, everyone is invited!

Game on!


– JohnP

Breaking News: The 512 Project, a Stanceworks x Hellaflush Collaboration.

Well, it was only a matter of time before the Stay Fresh Crew over at Fatlace was going to venture their way on down to the to the dirty south. Their first appearance is going to be in collaboration with our good friends over at Stanceworks presenting a new type event known as the 512 PROJECT. The project will focus on the offset movement and is taking place on a private track in Austin, Texas known as “Driveway Austin”. This event will be of EPIC proportions, bringing in the best of the best of the fitment world.  Also, Mayday will be hosting Capital Runs from Houston and Dallas into Austin the morning of the event for roll-in. Non-stop action in on the agenda for the last Saturday of June (the 26th), and you definitely do NOT want to miss out on this. Stay tuned to Mayday Garage for more information to come regarding the Capital Runs to the 512, and more releases regarding the project! Check the 512 PROJECT link below for car registration and event and hotel information.

Oh my, Hardparking on a track? Oh damn!

Get ready!

— JohnP

Lone Star Bash 2010: A Host’s Perspective.

“May 16, 2010 marked the date of the second Lone Star Bash. LSB as we will refer to it is an idea more than anything. Basically by labeling an event such as this, everyone knows exactly what event they need to ALL come out to, all at once. LSB is a date to bring everyone together. There are no draws like prize money, naked import models, trophies, cotton ball smoke on top of mirrors, or any of that. The draw is hanging out with awesome people that think alike, tandeming 10 cars deep with 100 mph entries, partying the night before, and being a part of something big. While the car show scene has died out in the last few years, leaving the giants HIN and NOPI dead, the drift scene has exploded. And yet it has stayed very grass roots at the same time.