MaydayGarage Does Japan. Day two. (part 1 of 2)


Sorry about the serious delay. I’ve been a bit busy at my job and between that and trying to recover from my recent illness, I’ve been trying to desperately find the time to put up day two from our travels to Japan. Don’t fret! We’re gonna blow your minds with another awesome post that will make your computer/phone explode.

Mayday. Fucking. Garage.

In the belly of the beast! RWB Japan!

This wasn't for bowling



Like all things in Japan, this one falls under the category of cute.

Saturday trains = not so crowded.

They're not even looking at the Ferrari!!!! >:(

Dat RE Amemiya knows how to make a car

BBS still in the game

Heaven is made up of brake kits

Put on your battle gear, it's time to get down

Hide yo daughters, Japan. Mayday is in town.

MaydayGarage Does Japan Day One.

**Thanks to everyone for being so patient! If you didn’t already know, I’ve been fighting an illness that was supposed to kill me exactly one week ago, but i’m here, better than ever! Thanks for the warm wishes, and your comments, but i’m not going anywhere! –DD–**

I know, I know. It’s been over two weeks and we haven’t put up anything from our travels in Japan. Relax! Don’t forget we do this in our spare time! I hope everyone out there got a chance to capture some glimpses of the Tokyo Auto Salon from our favorite blogs out there! No doubt, this year’s TAS was not to be missed, but we want to show you our coverage of the event our way. So with myself and Danh, we managed to capture hundreds upon hundreds of images just to share with our followers. Over the next few days, we will show you exactly what we did in the seven days we occupied the great country of Japan, so sit back, wait for the images to load (there’s going to be a LOT), and take your time.

Man I don't even

Mr. Akagi loved to slap Danny's face for some reason. I have no idea why

Heaven is always above

JDM Jerry Springer?

RUF woof woof

The Man.

D1 Demo outside of Makuhari Messe

You should see rush hour

There we go

This was us 90% of the time we were on the train or subway

Sushi Time with the Mayday Boys.

It’s no secret that we love to eat just like everyone else, so when Park Baker of HighTopFade suggested a place that had good sushi for a cheap price, we were ABOUT it. We took some photos, but I just wanted to share a quick video of what it’s like to be a piece of sushi at a conveyor belt sushi joint. Evan had the great idea of putting a gopro video camera on one of the plates, but left the gopro at the hotel. So our resourceful selves suggested using a cell phone instead to capture people’s reactions.

Lol, more to come.

Turning Japanese.

Tokyo Auto Salon day one is finally over, and somehow, some way, we’re all still alive. In the last 72 hours, we’ve had only a few hours of sleep, combine that with Jet lag and a super tight schedule, and you have a recipe for extreme fatigue. After we left TAS with our new friend Park Baker, we jumped on the railways and headed straight for Chiba City, home of Rauh Welt Begriff Japan. We had partied with Nakai-San and the other RWB owners the night before at a private event in Roppongi Hills, but Nakai had invited us to his shop after the show where he would show us around. We had mentioned to him that we were all super tired, but we would make the venture out.

Danh, Evan, Danny and Park leaving TAS, "ready for next party".

Nakai san picking the five of us up in one of his many cars.

Nakai had picked us up from the subway station and drove us straight to the shop where multiple Porsches could be seen from the outside. After chatting it up about his shop, Nakai wanted to take us out to eat at a local buffet. Although we ate just about an hour before with Park, we all said “Eff it. You only live once.” We then headed back to the shop and knocked back some Stella Artois with everyone else at the shop and soon headed back where everyone then passed the fuck out.

Full stomachs and sleep deprivation equals food coma

Rauh Welt Japan: The ultimate man cave

Nakai and Toshi had this waiting for us when we arrived. Yes, he wanted us to get wasted

One of the many Porsches inside the shop

Danh is calculating how much he needs to save up for a RWB 911 for himself.

So now it’s 8am here in Tokyo, and we are just getting up and getting ready for day two. Tonight will be interesting. IF anyone out there is in Japan and wants to meet us up, I’ll be in the media room at TAS at 2pm, so come holla!

Nakai makes Danny feel right at home in the throne.