Sugar. Water. And of course, purple.

When me and Mikey set out to embark on a 6 hour (7 with breaks) drive in a cramped Mazda Miata for New Orleans, we didn’t know what to expect. The idea was to check out the local car scene in Louisiana and to also keep a look out for any cool cars that we wanted to feature later when we would come back. I had a few cars in mind that I wanted to check out in person, and one such car was Sumo Dinh’s S13 coupe which had just come out of the body shop wearing a new purple suit…

Grimace would be proud

Sumo is all smiles, as he should be, since he just had red beans and rice

When we arrived in “The big easy”, we drove around the French Quarter looking for possible future locations to shoot (Mikey was actually looking for strip clubs, but that’s another story) when we stumbled upon Kim Tran of NoDrft, a group of New Orleans based drifters, right inside of the French Quarter (he’s not a stripper). Kim was kind enough to show us around the city and eventually took us to Live Bait, a local bar and grill where some of the car guys meet up every Tuesday for smoked sausage and smoked tires.

KTran was visibly upset that he had been beaten at Words With Friends

"Hey man, you spelled 'Crew' wrong" -Mikey

At this meet, one of the first guys to show up was Sumo, owner of a small shop appropriately named SuWorks. As I was waiting for my food at Live Bait, Sumo invited me to check out his latest whip, fresh out of the paint booth. It was damn near pitch black outside, but from what I could tell, the car looked great, especially for a homegrown, grassroots drifter. Unfortunately, during this meet, I just couldn’t snap off any decent looking photos which was a shame.

Fried green tomatoes. Never thought I'd like it, but it was delish.

The next morning, Kim had taken us for lunch to a place called Gattuso’s, a locally owned and operated restaurant that as Sumo puts it, “it’s like a classier version of Hooters”. As I quickly scarfed down my grilled shrimp Po’ Boy with bacon (that’s right), Sumo, Kim, D.Bo and Mikey engaged in friendly car conversation as most guys do. But before me and Mikey were to leave back to Houston, I noticed Sumo had brought the S13 and parked it right outside of the restaurant.

Barney would be proud.

The first thing that grabs you is the immensely deep purple tones of the House of Kolors Kandy Purple that shines in the sunlight. Add to that the super white 18″ Varrstoen 2.2.2’s tucked under the B-Magic fenders and you’ve got a crazy clean color combination.

That's a lot of stretch. Too much?

As I walked closer to check out the paint now that it wasn’t pitch black outside, I noticed that the rear fenders weren’t riveted on like on most 240’s, they were actually subtlety molded in to the stock metal body. This may seem like such a trivial detail, but you have to understand, finding an actually “clean” 240sx that’s built to drift AND looks good is a rare gem in itself. The fact that this gem is in New Orleans of all places makes it that much more unique. Good thing Sumo does his own body work, cause I’m sure at some point he’s gonna have to rework the fenders after a few tandem rounds on the track.

But I want to do hood rat stuff with my friends

This Onevia also sits just right for a street drift car, no unsightly wheel gap here. Dinh has implemented all of the traditional suspension pieces that make a drift car work: rear camber arms, traction rods, caster and toe links. The Varrstoen 2.2.2’s measure 10 and a half inches wide with a zero offset to give it that concave look. Tire sizes are 225/40’s in the front and 255/35 in the rear.

Curvier than Beyonce

Sumo still has a lot of plans for this 240sx, mainly in the power department, and when everything is buttoned up and running, you can bet your sweet purple ass we’ll be there as he slides this car down the track as Sumo is regularly at Texas drift events as well as Louisiana ones!

**Edit – following words by fellow drifter Cody Surman, another purple lover**

“For those that don’t really know
SuWork’s started in 1989 many years before the Katrina disaster
Sumo put in lots of hard work in his shop restoring Nissan S30’s and C10 Skylines. Not long after did his shop grow as well as his FB friends list.
Eventually they became big enough to cross the great bridge to Texas and compete in our comps.
He’s known as the big guy running things in the background of Louisiana’s large drift culture.
Now you you know.”

Sumo and D.Bo have an awkward moment together

Words by Sumo Dinh:
I want to thank MaydayGarage for coming and hanging out with us, Kim Tran and D.Bo for being there since day one, NoDRFT, SCCA DELTA and Grand Circuit Bayou for hosting drift events locally! P.S. Thanks for coming to NOLA, we have love for Houston guys. No homo.

Sumo was about an hour late because he was fixing his hair. Thanks, Sumo.

Stay tuned as we bring you more sugar from the Pelican State!

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