Rice is a word me and JohnP like to use a lot here at MaydayGarage. But not like the way you’re thinking, not in the derogatory sense. You see, we are self proclaimed ricers, we like body kits, we like big wheels and we like crazy big spoilers. Most people think when modifying a car, it’s either RICE or NICE, but why can’t it be both?

Believe it or not, those "sun flares" are not photoshopped!

Over the last few years, having these things on your car meant that you were subject to be called a ricer, which usually isn’t a good thing.

If liking body kits, wings, and oversized rims and tires makes you a ricer, then fuck it, i’m a ricer because I love these things.

It wasn’t long ago when the Toyota Supra was the epitome of what we now call “rice”. Veilside Combat kits with large gaudy fender flares, and crazy vinyl schemes were the norm to see at car shows when looking at Supras. It was something you kind of expected to see, and this was more than acceptable.

I've got your tickets to the gun show right here...

Then the “just put a wheels and a drop and call it a day” phase came. While I agree that a lot of cars are beautiful the way they rolled off the factory line, I also believe in making a car just a bit more special and unique on the outside. This phase of “just a lip kit” universally hit all import circles with Hondas leading the way, and the Supra crowd getting hit as well.

The TRD Widebody kit accentuates the Supra's naturally curvy lines without going crazy.

Of course it wasn’t too long before you noticed that virtually every Supra had an HKS/GReddy/Wings West front lip, and a TRD/Rod Millen wing. If you recall during our previous visit to TX2K10, many of the Supras looked the same, and it was actually a little disappointing to see the same stuff over and over. Of course, this made seeing certain cars like Steve Nuss’ 97 Supra stick out like a sore thumb.

The gold Volk LE37's look great on the white paint

Just glancing at Steve’s 1997 Sport roof Supra you can already see why it’s gracing our webpages here. One of the first things that grab you is the 19 inch gold Volk Racing LE37’s sitting under the TRD widebody fenders which seamlessly blend into the stock sheetmetal. The TRD rear bumper is very large but subtle and dwarfs the carbon fiber Modellista Uchida trunk spoiler, one of only 20 made.

Horseless carriage is usually the preferred choice now-a-days.

The carbon Modellista Uchida is a far cry from the Veilside wings that used to grace Supras of yesteryear.

Coming around to the front, you can see that the large openings in the Do-Luck front bumper show off an HKS intercooler that provides the much needed cooler intake tempertures, but also doubles as a set of blood thirsty fangs waiting for it’s next victim. Presumably, a lip kitted import (I kid!).

That's right, we also make iPhone wallpapers, starting with this one

You think there's no traffic? Actually, Steve is going so fast, you don't notice the other cars.

Of course, you know we’re not ALL about just show, every car here has to have a little bit of pep too! Especially since this is a Supra. And although a lot of you think that once you pop this hood, you’d expect to see chrome, chrome, and more chrome under the TRD hood. I will go ahead and stop you right there. Before today’s standard (for Supras anyway) of the completely chromed out engine bays, Steve has kept it the traditional “Street Style” that Japan has become famous for. Just a few basic bolt ons keep this Supra from becoming a dyno queen that USDM Supras have become notoriously known for.

Open up and say "Ahhhhhhh"

You’ll also notice that one crazy cool guy, Smoky Nagata, has personally signed Steve’s engine cover. Perhaps Smoky approves? After all, Supras ARE his favorite cars…

Translated into Japanese, "Billy Badass"

Of course, the car has some light tuning in the interior as well. Recaro SRD seats adorn the cockpit and a sound system accompanies the hatch area. Gotta have some zoom-a-zoom zoom in your boom boom!

Black on white crime

Steve would have gotten a matching Recaro baby seat if he had more than 2 seats

So while many are enjoying their relatively stock looking cars at the local car meet, just remember, not everyone knows you’re rocking that rare Canada only side moldings on your 81′ Toyota Camry except for other people who modify 81′ Camrys. In a sea of cars that all look the same, sometimes RICE IS NICE.

You won't be late to that Astros game with a Supra, all the more reason to buy one

All this talk about rig shots lately, we finally tried one out, not bad, eh?

So what do you guys think? Is there a definitive line you don’t cross that will make your car tacky? What IS that line? I’m interested to hear from everyone!

Till next time, keep it NICE, and keep it RICE.

Steve Nuss’ Official Mod List:

TRD widebody
Doluck front bumper custom fitted to TRD widebody
TRD hood
Ridox carbon fiber roof spoiler
Modellista Uchida carbon fiber spoiler 1 of 20
Volk LE37 gold 19×9.9 and 19×10.5 Toyo r888 305/30/19
Iforged Daytona 19×10.5 and 19×12.5 Goodyear Eagle F1’s 325/30/19
Tein super street coilovers
HKS blowoff valve
HKS intercooler
Greddy BCC
Rod Millen down pipe
Apex N1 exhaust
K+N intake with custom heat shield
Custom painted spark plug cover signed by Smokey Nagata
Recaro SRD seats and rails
Alpine CDA-7998 phantum face head unit
Audison amps 1.1 for subs and 2.4 for highs
JL audio 10″ w3v3 sub in custom wiched audio enclosure
Polk audio 6 1/2 mids and highs

For the rest of the High Resolution photos, click HERE!

All photos were taken by Khiem Pham exclusively for Maydaygarage, email him at Khiem@maydaygarage.com for any questions regarding his shots, technique, or equipment used!


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