Formula D Streets of Long Beach – Along for the Journey

“Formula D Long Beach was an exciting weekend full of tire slaying, drivers being pushed to their limits, and on my end… lots of shooting. My name is Karissa and first off I want to thank Mayday Garage for letting me have the opportunity to do coverage of this event. FDLB was quite the week for me because I was in the process of moving out to Long Beach and literally picked up the keys to my apartment the day before the main festivities began…”

Andy Hateley returns to FD with his LS3 powered E30

TA22 Celicas at the Box Office.

So if any of you gearheads have watched Rush, the movie about the rivalry between James Hunt and Nikki Lauda, you may or may not have seen the two classic TA22 Celicas at the end of the final race. What intrigues me is not the fact that these Celicas were thrown in because it was a Japanese Grand Prix, but because they are either real immaculate JDM cars, or someone on that Movie set understood the importance of having authentic looking Japanese Celicas complete with “Smiley” bumpers and other JDM accents. Check out the screencap.

The Celica Coupe duos

Dat chrome bumper doe!

If you loved Senna, check out Rush!

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