Max Res Mondays: Working class.

We typically don’t post a wallpaper when we haven’t even put up the feature, but here’s a nifty picture I snapped off while our own Danny Barber was working with Haas Fogle at an undisclosed location/garage on a really cool Porsche 993 911. Old school meets new school. Keep your eyes peeled for a Mayday Life post by our own Danny Barber soon.


Max Res Mondays: Holy Jeebus.

Taken by Khiem at this past All-Team Bash 4, this Fancy red Lexus LS was sitting pretty along with the other Refined Elegance folk. You can’t tell in the picture, but it was about 104 degrees outside, and when you add in the wind chill factor, it comes out to be about 112 degrees. Texas is hot, but still not hotter than the cars, so remember that. As usual, click on the photo below to get your fix for your overly enormous screens.

Oh you fancy, huh?