Besides “Do you guys have a shop?”, the most common question we get here is “How do I get into Mayday Garage??”. That’s not an easy question to field honestly. We are NOT a car club, a show team, or even an actual “shop”, rather, we are a bunch of guys that live in Texas that believe in the 90’s Japanese Tuning era, and we are here solely as a group to preserve that movement and what it stands for. We are no longer a media only group, so being a great photographer, or blogger is not a requirement. Simply put, if you like the same things as we do (i.e. snooty coffee, hipster food, Asian culture, craft beer, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy, MTG, tattoos and you occasionally lift) and have the same mindset and outlook on car culture, then there’s a small chance you may fit in.

Welcome JohnM to Danh's personal club

Although it doesn’t happen often, we wanted to take the time out to introduce you to Mayday Garage’s newest member, John Markadakis, aka, Markladakis, aka Markadakalis, aka, MurkaDurka, aka MaydayJohnM. John moved to Houston a few years ago from the great state of North Carolina to go to an Automotive school and absorb the Houston car scene/culture. John enjoys 90’s Japanese cars just as much as we do, and works on various cars such as high end Porsches, Lambo’s, Ferrari’s, RB25/26 motors, VR38’s, R35’s and more recently, FD3S RX-7’s. John also enjoys (see; addicted) coffee from Catalina, Southside Espresso, and Blacksmith, Vietnamese food from Cafe TH, and has a special place for Niko Niko’s Greek food. JohnM currently drives a Miata and is working on his project car, a Time Attack inspired Zenki S14, which hopefully will be finished in the next few months. He also has cat. (He sprays)

Make no mistake, JohnM is a HUGE ricer despite the size of his car.

Welcome to the end of your life John!

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

Elevens’ Paint & Fiber Street Style.

There are a handful of car groups that we love to follow that have that “hnnnnnnnnnng” factor. Elevens’ Paint & Fiber is definitely one of those groups. Mayday Mikey had the pleasure of meeting some of these drifters at a recent drift event, and from his impressions, they are a pretty legit set of car guys. Part of what we like with the Elevens’ group is that Street Style, something that we’ve been preaching for a long while. While we don’t like to group cars together, sometimes you get the feeling there are certain categories that car people fall under. There are show cars, the guys that like to dress up everything in their rides while maintaining that show room quality, and there are racecars which are the guys that sacrifice everything in the name of getting that better lap time, quarter mile ET, or those drift points. So where does that leave the other 98% of us car enthusiasts? Like the most of you, we fall under the street car category, the category in which standing out is a feat in itself because the pool is so large.

S13.4 image by Charles Siritho

Traveling to different countries, we have found that Japan has the street style game on lock, not because they have RHD Toyota Chasers, 800whp street R33 GTR’s or even SR20DET powered Suzuki Cappuccinos, it’s because of their relentless passion for making their cars their own. We have noticed on dozens of occasions that they simply “don’t give a flying fuck” for what other people think. While many here stateside would never consider running two different types of wheels, or LED lights all under their own rides for fear of others ostracizing their choices, the Japanese feel to stand out, one must express themselves. And we are all for it.

Cruising the strip. Image by Charles Siritho

So lately we’ve been seeing the Elevens’ Paint guys cars pop up now and then on our Facebook and Instagram feed, and we obsessively press the LIKE button every time. They exude that Japanese Street Style that we admire so much, and it is nice to see this group of cars come out of a place like Arizona and represent so well.

Elevens' Paint by Charles Sirthro

A lot of people think “okay, they have a bunch of 240’s with panels that don’t even line up correctly”, and if this is the thought that crosses your mind, then this is definitely not the post for you. If you get it, then you get it, if you are confused as to why we love these types of cars, then the only thing we can suggest is to see these cars in person, in the flesh, and not on the interwebz as the feel of seeing these cars roll down the street is vastly different than seeing a few cool images on a website.

Night time S14 image by Charles Siritho

Elevens’ Paint & Fiber

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

Andrew does Dallas.

As stated before, times change, and people change, but friends are forever. One of our friends, Andrew, got married a couple of years ago, and although marriage makes you take on different priorities, passion will always remain the same. Andrew recently joined us for a trek to Dallas, TX, home of Formula Drift Round six. It’s good to know that not only does he still enjoy smoking rubber tires into the night, he still knows how to capture a great image.

One night in Dallas, image by Andrew Machac

Aubre's S14 looking super sharp with the TE37's. Photo by Andrew M.

The flying FRS, image by Andrew Machac

Smoking hot ass. Photo by Andrew M.

Aubre's doppelgänger, Justin Rogers' twin S14 also on TE's at our booth.

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

Mayday Garage does Formula Drift TX (Preview)

We know you guys are wanting to see what we’ve covered, and while Danh, Khiem, and Andrew are all working on their photos in their free time, Newton and Ray are joining forces to create a cool video. In the meantime, here are some quick photos and a short video to tide you over!

Mayday Garage does Formula D TX (Preview) from Mayday Garage on Vimeo.

Just a short video preview of our Formula Drift coverage at Texas Motor Speedway! Watch for the REAL video soon! Song: Nightcall Artist: Kavinsky

For you YouTube users:

Keep Tuning,

Ricer X

Event Coverage: 100 Drifters of December 2012

1 out of 100 December Drifters....

The month of December is an overall festive time of year that brings friends and families together for joyous celebrations.  Specifically, for the East Coast grassroots drift community, it’s time for the annual 100 Drifters of December event hosted by Summit Point Motorsports Park and Drift Nirvana.  This two-day “Slide Festival” draws in over a 100+ homegrown and semi-pro drifters. They travel from several surrounding states to this awesome track located in small town West Virginia.  For drivers, spectators, tailgaters,and photographers alike, a good time to be had by all!