A New Adventure: The Rice Bowl

Fellow enthusiasts:

Before the blog, before the social media, Mayday Garage’s origins have been that of hosting underground events in the Houston area. For the past 12 years the roots of Mayday have pushed to keep the spirit of the street vibrant, from streets to garages to convention centers, the preservation of tuning culture has always been Mayday’s primary objective. In 2015, we will embark on one of our most exciting and dynamic events to date, The Rice Bowl. Join us as we host a new type of modified vehicle exhibition and partner with Japanese culture convention Anime Matsuri in bringing you a new experience Easter Weekend 2015 at George R. Brown convention center.

As a modified car exhibition that will celebrate Japanese & European street style within Anime Matsuri, The Rice Bowl is not a competition platform. It is an exhibition party with live acts, industry guests and celebration of tuning culture.

Join us April 4 as we make 2015 the year of rice!

Automotive participation details to be unveiled 02/01/15.

Team Mayday Garage

More Photoshoots and Ricebox.

More photo dumping of Behind-The-Scenes with John Zhang and Patrick Lauder as seen through the eyes of Mayday Garage!

JZ, Danh, Christine and overly dressed Dennis check out the Turbo RX-8

Dennis tries to give Pat a wet willy

John does not look like this because it's early in the morning. Because Asian.

Patrick takes a nap in between shots.

Before shooting this Tesla Model S, we wanted to check out our posts (or porn).

1013mm setting up that shot of the Ferrari 599

DSLR, Video Cam, iPhone 5S, Ferrari 599. Also, JZ is NOT sitting on a chair.

JZ sets up the next shot while Danh looks at Christy Mack fleshlights online.

The view of Tom's S2000 from inside of The Ricebox on Ricer Wednesdays

There is entirely too much rice for one picture here.

More to come.
Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

Coffee and Rice.

A lot of the local Houston guys know that we host “Ricer Wednesdays” at The Ricebox Food Truck on Westheimer road across the street from The Poison Girl. It’s a weekly get together of cars on the busy streets of Houston at night. Sometimes parking is a workout and the streets themselves can be challenging to navigate through if you’ve never been. This is what separates the hardcore guys from everyone else, and it’s nice to see new faces every week.

What a lot of people don’t know is that we have another day of the week that we all meet up. Sundays at Catalina Coffee on Washington Avenue. Sunday is the one day of the week when all of the Mayday guys are off and if the weather is nice, we will all meet up in the morning on the very unbusy street of Washington Avenue. Some years back, this same street was one of the worst streets to drive down, but about 2.5 years ago, the city of Houston completely repaved the road, and it’s pretty damn flat. When you get all of these ingredients mixed into a bowl of rice, you have a recipe for what we call Coffee & Rice. So if you’re local, like great coffee/cortados/lattes and are free Sunday mornings, you should join us as many others have.

Princeton's ricer mobile

See you Sunday.

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

Event Coverage: Coffee and Cars, April Edition

Coffee and Cars, our monthly exotic fix of high end cars and enticement, occurred this past Saturday and was special in a couple of ways. First, it was the new venue that the event was being held at, Vintage Park, right outside of the north side of Houston. A large welcoming venue, with café’s and restaurants to entertain the crowd, seemed to be THE new home for the event. After a little bit of trouble finding a permanent spot, Jorge and Bill, the organizers of Houston’s Coffee and Cars chapter, hit a homerun on this one.

Dreary skies, light rain and 200% humidity were the welcoming factors for Saturday, definitely not turbo weather, I haven’t broken a sweat like that since before the winter started.

But Mother Nature’s forces didn’t keep the fans from coming out. There were EASILY 600 plus cars that came out which is a testament to the hunger that Houstonians have for great rides.

The New Home.

The New Home.