Christine Siepka's super sweet 280Z S30

Offset Kings: JDM Chicago x Fatlace Event.

So we had the chance to travel to Chicago this past weekend and not only stuff our faces with Chicago style pizza and Chicago style hot dogs, but we had the good fortune to experience the cool cars of Chicago! Danny even had his RWB Catalina shipped to Chicago for the Mid West to enjoy. Here are just a few sample photos of the cars at the show!

Danny washing Catalina the day before the show

Ming San's gorgeous Vertex widebody S15 sitting inside for Fizz Auto Sports

Miguel Alvarez's midnight GT-86


Michael Braeuner's Varis widebody, super duper JDM Evo X stunning the crowds at OK CHI

These are just a few photos, more coverage to come soon!

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

Every Dr. Jekyll Has it’s Mr. Hyde: Kaho Ng’s Street Sweepin’ S2000.

Cats and dogs, yin and yang, Superman and Lex Luthor, bloods and crips. For everything in the universe, there’s always an opposite that lurks somewhere in the world. Finding that opposite could mean certain doom, but for us, we found our Dr. Jekyll to Richie Ngo’s Mr. Hyde in the Crescent City, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Max Res Mondays: Holy Jeebus.

Taken by Khiem at this past All-Team Bash 4, this Fancy red Lexus LS was sitting pretty along with the other Refined Elegance folk. You can’t tell in the picture, but it was about 104 degrees outside, and when you add in the wind chill factor, it comes out to be about 112 degrees. Texas is hot, but still not hotter than the cars, so remember that. As usual, click on the photo below to get your fix for your overly enormous screens.

Oh you fancy, huh?


Formula D Irwindale: Fatlace’s One of One Part 2.

Formula D usually brings three main flavors to the table, a drift competition, a car show, and some shorties (talent). In this edition of our continuing Formula D coverage, we’ll show you a few interesting cars that participated in the Fatlace OneOfOne car show.

The beautiful Californian sun setting on beautiful Californian rides

Doze Asses

Showgoers await the results near the Fatlace tent.

This GS on JP Scaras was too damn gangster for us