Christine Siepka's super sweet 280Z S30

Offset Kings: JDM Chicago x Fatlace Event.

So we had the chance to travel to Chicago this past weekend and not only stuff our faces with Chicago style pizza and Chicago style hot dogs, but we had the good fortune to experience the cool cars of Chicago! Danny even had his RWB Catalina shipped to Chicago for the Mid West to enjoy. Here are just a few sample photos of the cars at the show!

Danny washing Catalina the day before the show

Ming San's gorgeous Vertex widebody S15 sitting inside for Fizz Auto Sports

Miguel Alvarez's midnight GT-86


Michael Braeuner's Varis widebody, super duper JDM Evo X stunning the crowds at OK CHI

These are just a few photos, more coverage to come soon!

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

Mayday Garage Event News: The Mayday Lonestar Run

The Lonestar Run. Houston’s official roll out to Ft. Worth for WekFest.

The Lonestar Run is strictly for entertainment purposes only. It is not a race, therefore Mayday Garage is not responsible for any tickets, deaths, explosions or offensive material such as mooning that happen this run.

Now that being said, Meet-Up time is 9:00am at Greenspoint Mall in the main parking lot and roll-out will be 10:00 SHARP on Friday October 14th.

Some people are going to ask why we are leaving at 10AM on Friday and not 5-6pm and the answer is real simple, traffic. Having multiple cars in a “caravan” during rush hour sucks for everyone, therefore 10AM it is so we avoid the morning rush hour and afternoon rush hour traffic.

Secondly, some people will ask why we are leaving on Friday and not super hella early on Saturday morning. The answer is that we all love to party our asses off on Friday before the show, so, if you want to party with us, then roll out on Friday!

Now, on to the details.

The Lonestar Run. —

When: October 14th, 2011

Where: Greenspoint Mall, 12300 N. Freeway, The corner of 45N and BW8.

Time: 9:00AM Meet, 10:00AM Roll-out

Destination: Ft. Worth Texas

Rules of the Lonestar Run:

1.) Mayday Garage is not responsible for any tickets, wrecks, or broken down cars that one may encounter on The Lonestar Run.
2.) This is not a Cannonball/Gumball 3000 style race; it is a Fun Run/Cruise style of event. “Excessive” speeding is not encouraged..
3.) No Mooning on the Lonestar Run
4.) All Texas State Driving laws are in effect, State Troopers have every right to pull you over if you are driving outside of the law, as mentioned before, Mayday is not responsible for people’s buffoonery.
5.) Respect other drivers
6.) Have Fun!

As for the rest of the details, they will be announced the day of the Lonestar Run.

Until then ladies and gents.

See you guys on the 14th!


– JohnP

OTWeb Video: WekFest Pre-Meet by Mark Razmandi.

Another great video arises…

We almost missed this video that was posted on our Facebook page. I just so happened to browse through what FB thought was spam, and found this awesome video made by Mark Razmandi. Enjoy!

**edit: Apologies for all those trying to view the video through their mobile device, it will only play in non mobile versions, i.e. computers**

Mayday Garage x Baker Tuning: Pre-Wekfest meet from Mark Razmandi on Vimeo.

Don’t forget to look below this post for our final part 2 on the Wek’Fest Pre-Meet! We’ll see you on the Lonestar Run October 14th at 10am!

Event Coverage: Wek’Fest Pre-Meet at Baker Tuning part 2.

In part one of our coverage, I just posted a bunch of pictures, cause I was just wanting to throw out a small portion of our pictures before the internet got flooded with others.

So now I’m gonna throw out a LOT more photos so our readers can see what went down.

Ronald's 1JZ powered FD was turning all sorts of heads

And here they started to roll in and it wasn't even time for meet to start!

The Powerful and Fabulous PowerFab G35. All show, and all Go.

Yes, people weren't just sitting by their cars...

The Strictly G'z crew showed up in strong numbers.

If you guessed this FD had a non-rotary motor, you guessed right.

The crowd listens as JohnP calls out Bingo Balls.

Jk. He was calling out names in our free raffle for swag, but on weekends JohnP does play Bingo