Red and Gold. Origins.

Okay, we may have a thing for gold wheels. John’s NSX, one of the FD’s, hell, even Katie’s Rumblewagon is sporting the first place color on wheels. Specifically, the gold on red look is a really nice contrast, and Bryan Turrin’s 1989 Mazda RX-7 GTUs FC3S fits that segment perfectly. Before the FD, before the WRX, we have this pristine example of how clean looks go a long way on older cars. The gold face forged BBS LM’s with red caps accentuate the already classy looks of the OEM red paint found on this particular specimen.

We had a chance to capture the FC yesterday during our Coffee and Rice event which was admittedly low in attendance, but high in quality. Check it out, it’s actually as nice in person as it is in photos.

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

Everything’s Lower in Texas

If you’re not from Houston, you may wonder why every other tuner car is so low here. “Most” of Houston is low car friendly, typically in the suburbs and the freeways are usually the flattest compared to other states. But it also helps that every other car is also bagged here. I’ve always found it funny that everyone claims that their city has the worst streets for dumped cars. I can honestly say Houston for the most part has very driveable streets, and starting next week- the fastest as well.


Definitely bagged.

The reverse rake on this one seems odd.

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Ricer X

Once you go black?

We got a chance to catch up with Andre Mikhaylov, an old school ricer that lives in Houston. Believe it or not, his Berlina Black NA1 NSX is also his daily. It being NSX #2 for Andre, he knows exactly what he wanted this time around, and it’s really great to see such a nice and unusual car being put through it’s daily paces. I asked him why he chose to daily an NSX to which he replied, “It’s a Honda”. Point taken.

They don't make profiles like this anymore.

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Ricer X

Mean Green Machine.

This little NB Miata proves that these cars can look both sexy and aggressive with a little bit of help in the aero department and some nicely fitting SSR SP1’s.

Dem eyes doe.

The side profile is very FD like, and you know we get hard ons for that.

Queue the "Bubble Butt" song...

Here's a better look at that sick hood and cage.

Expect more photos!

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X