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Mayday Garage Visits ADVANCE

If you’re on any kind of social media (mainly Instagram), then you already know that Mayday Garage has been making it’s rounds throughout Japan with the help from our Japanese brothers (and sister!) at Car Shop GLOW. While we have a billion photos to show you of both Tokyo Auto Salon and Battle EVOME, we wanted to start off our Japan coverage with a small post about our visit today at ADVANCE.

Before we begin, let me give you a little backstory on how we ended up here. We planned a trip to Japan once we were told by Ken Suzuki of CSG that they would be showing off Yukimitsu Hara’s now famous time attack FD RX-7, so the question we were asked by Ken was, “What shops would you like to visit?” For JohnP, it was only one shop; ADVANCE. Luckily, Ken knew of ADVANCE and spoke highly of them. So on JohnP’s last day in Japan, we made the trek to Yokohama prefecture where ADVANCE’s shop was located.

As soon as we made the turn from the main street, it was obvious we were in NSX heaven. Like skittles scattered across a table, we were greeted by a yellow, white and blue NSX parked in the street. ADVANCE, known worldwide for their specialty in tuning Honda’s MR chassis, has some of the sickest NSX’s on the planet, and the moment we rolled up to the shop, our jaws absolutely dropped to the floor. We were greeted by some of the employees including Masahiro Shinbori (IG name @masataro_nsx) who owns the ITB’d yellow NA2 on SSR SP1’s and a cup system.

While Shinbori-San’s NSX would pretty much win any car show here in the states as is, it was the blue ADVANCE NSX (IG name @js_nsx) that we wanted to see. This NSX is what we consider to be an excellent example of Japan’s approach to the idea of “Total Tune”, that is, to make the car complete by working on every aspect of the car. The C30A V6 powerplant was stroked out to 3.1 litres thanks to it’s TODA Racing stroker kit complete with TODA Racing forged high comp pistons and cams and is tuned using a Japanese favorite HKS V-Pro engine management system. Using Fujitsubo exhaust manifolds, the car breathes easier via it’s ADVANCE titanium exhaust tucked neatly above the all carbon fiber rear diffuser.

The NSX is seen on two different sets of wheels, for daily duties, the new RAYS GramLights 57 Extreme STD Spec adorns the NA1 in a standard 17/18 inch double staggered setup, and for Time Attack rounds, it uses the more popular RAYS Volk Racing TE37SL wheels in almost the same configuration, with the only real difference is in the tires. The ADVAN A050’s help in track attack and work great with the ADVANCE Bilstein E12 dampers on Eibach springs that let this Honda propel itself around the Tsukuba Circuit in only 1 minute and 1 second. Not bad for a street car.

But what really gets our blood pumping is the exterior of the ADVANCE NSX. The Marga Hills wide body aero kit combined with the giant carbon fiber GT wing screams, “Look at me. Look how sexy I am, and now I’m going to beat your ass around the track”. The small touches on the car is what separates this NSX from the rest including the custom ADVANCE louvered hood complete with the matching CF hood diffusers, LED tails and other various carbon fiber one off bits. Another nice touch was the inclusion of a Nexus 7 Android tablet customer built into the gauge cluster along with a Defi smart meter.

JohnP had the opportunity to catch a short ride in the blue NSX and was all smiles both before and after getting out of the car. It seems that this visit on his last day in Japan assured him that this would not be his last trip to the land of the rising sun thanks to the beautiful NSXs at ADVANCE.

3947-1 Ikebe-Cho. Tsuzuki-ku. Yokohama-Shi 224-0053
Tel. 045-932-0656

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

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Mayday Garage: Year in Review 2014. Part 4.

And now, for part 4…

2014 was, without a doubt, one of Mayday Garage’s best years to date. It started with a business partnership with our comrades at Car Shop GLOW Japan. We worked very closely with our Japanese brothers to deliver a quality handmade bespoke product to help resurrect an old chassis that we hold dear to our hearts, the FD3S RX-7.

Right tail lamp

What started as an image of a certain root beer colored Time Attack FD3S taken in a parking garage by Narita Dog Fight, caught the attention of both David and Khiem, the two Mayday guys that also owned an FD RX-7 chassis. It was something they had to have. After some researching, it was revealed that Ken Suzuki of Car Shop GLOW had made a custom one off set of LED tails for his CEO/Boss, Yukimitsu Hara, owner and pilot of the now famous rotary wonder. Through the wonderful powers of social media, Ken was contacted about making a couple of sets for us and having the possibility of selling the lights on a more broader scale. Although Hara-san’s tails were one off, different ideas and designs were considered before the unanimous decision of sticking to the original design was made.

So after a couple of months early in 2014, we had the world’s first batch of handmade, Japanese LED tails in our hands. We were taken aback by the quality of the lights and knew that we would have to get these out to the market as soon as we could. The lights bring life back to the aging FD3S, which disappeared from our US shores over 20 years ago.

We debuted the lights the best way we knew how; we hit the streets and took photos. With the help of Hai Le, we were also able to make a short video showing the lights off on our cars. With the new lights, a new website was in much needed order, and the site was shortly thereafter revamped to what you see now. In a very short amount of time, we were backed up on CSG lights as we were trying to fulfill orders as fast as we could while trying to stay in contact with each and every customer.

Meanwhile, Hara San was absolutely tearing up the time attack circuits in his FD, and was able to use his popularity and close relationships to advertise the lights the best way CSG could, by putting them on Time Attack cars in Japan.

Photo by SmileyShot!

Photo by SmileyShot!

Photo by SmileyShot!

Photo by SmileyShot!

Photo by SmileyShot!

Photo by SmileyShot!

Of course, with every business, you should always keep moving ahead, and stay as relevant as you can, so not too long after the FD3S tails were introduced, a new tail light option emerged for another Japanese chassis, the Honda S2000.

The idea was originally brought up by Car Shop GLOW to develop a new design for the S2K because, quite frankly, there’s not really any options out there, much like for the FD3S. So designs were thrown back and forth between us and CSG before we decided on the design you see now. As we’ve stated in a previous post about these tail lights, there were MANY obstacles to overcome. One being cost. The cost of the lights was controversial, but we pushed through with a “Quality First” mentality. We knew that there were a handful of S2000 owners out there that would want the best of the best, and that’s who we were targeting.

CSG S2K right
CSG S2K plate

Because no one at Mayday Garage owned an S2000, we needed to debut the lights in much the same way as our own FD’s, so we asked Tom Syhachack, a local, to help us sell the lights using his super clean AP2. We had Ken Suzuki of CSG fly from Japan, prototype lights in hand, visit us here in Houston and install them on to Tom’s S2K in time for the StanceNation show in Dallas, TX. Of course, we had to be there in the FD’s also to support both Tom and our Japanese brother, Ken.

Stranger things have happened outside of In-N-Out

The results speak for themselves. The lights are on some of the most prominent S2K builds out there in the world, including the WTACC Voltex/Top Fuel Racing S2000.

Bradley Lafayette's real deal JDM Carbon J's Racing VGS S2K
Photography by Ryan Lopez

Red Lufty 2
Photos by Jay Kohens
Red Lufty 3
Red Lufty
Justin Lim's S2K
Photos by A.L. Captures

And now with less than one week away from Tokyo Auto Salon in Japan, we will be showing the world what Car Shop GLOW has been working on in the last few months by showing everyone different lights for different JDM chassis’. Look out for us next week as we will be blowing up your feed on social media!


Up next: The FINAL part 5 (we swear)
Keep Tuning,
Ricer X


A New Adventure: The Rice Bowl

Fellow enthusiasts:

Before the blog, before the social media, Mayday Garage’s origins have been that of hosting underground events in the Houston area. For the past 12 years the roots of Mayday have pushed to keep the spirit of the street vibrant, from streets to garages to convention centers, the preservation of tuning culture has always been Mayday’s primary objective. In 2015, we will embark on one of our most exciting and dynamic events to date, The Rice Bowl. Join us as we host a new type of modified vehicle exhibition and partner with Japanese culture convention Anime Matsuri in bringing you a new experience Easter Weekend 2015 at George R. Brown convention center.

As a modified car exhibition that will celebrate Japanese & European street style within Anime Matsuri, The Rice Bowl is not a competition platform. It is an exhibition party with live acts, industry guests and celebration of tuning culture.

Join us April 4 as we make 2015 the year of rice!

Automotive participation details to be unveiled 02/01/15.

Team Mayday Garage


The WekFest USA Official WekFest PreMeet Hosted by Mayday Garage

Last year we hosted WekFest USA’s official pre meet, and it was the largest we had ever managed. Over 1000 cars jam packed in downtown Houston and it was glorious. Dubbed “the best meet I’ve ever been to” by staff at WekFest, we expect this year to be bigger and even better! Join us the night before WFTX on Saturday, 10/18/14 at 6pm at Moon Tower Inn located on 3004 Canal St right outside of Downtown! We will have MANY cars out for this one including a ton of out of state guests. We will have our very own Ricebox food truck there serving the best damn Chinese food in Houston in addition to having Moon Tower’s famous hot dogs and local Texas craft beers! If you missed last years meet, you have a chance to redeem yourself this year and celebrate the WekFest TX weekend with us!! See you there! Spread and share!!

Join the official Facebook Event Page:


Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

CSG S2K plate

New CSG x MG S2000 LED Product photos!

As we have finally received the final production version of the infamous Car Shop GLOW (CSG) x Mayday Garage S2000/AP2 LED tail lights, we had the chance to capture the lights for our product showcase. Although hard to see in the following photos, the lights are slightly less tinted than what you’ve seen on Tom’s S2K, but still look just as stunning.


CSG S2K right

CSG S2K pair

CSG S2K tops

CSG S2K plate

CSG S2K warranty stickers

A few notes about the lights-
The lights are brand new, but you will need to reuse the foam piece that normally rests between the actual tail light housing and the S2000 chassis.
The lights will come with detailed instructions on how to re-install the lights with step-by-step photos (don’t worry, it’s still 100% plug-and-play).

Buy them here!

If you run into any issues, please email us ASAP at

We also do international orders! Please email us for any quotes!

–Team Mayday Garage–