MaydayGarage Lifestyle: A Mayday Mikey Perspective.

Hey guys, just wanted to shake things up and show you how we do things in our typical day-to-day lives! -Mikey

Pretty much sums up what I wake up to every morning

70 degrees with a light breeze throughout the whole entire day made it a perfect Sunday to be off of work. Being a full time student and also working full time, days like today where absolutely nothing is on the agenda is rare. Our ace photographers Khiem and Danh are out shooting weddings for extra car funds, Brad “The Brad” Baker is somewhere out on the lake capitalizing on his Sunday off, and Andrew is out enjoying the weather with his new wife. With David Do still out East in Baltimore breaking the law and Danny out of town hunting lions, that left John P and I. If you guys didn’t know, John and myself are actually roommates living together in the East End of Downtown Houston.

The joys of having John P as a roommate

My Daily. 2001 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS

There’s a general routine on Sundays if John and I are both off from work. That routine consists of getting up balls early (what I consider early on a Sunday…) and heading down to Bellaire to get a bowl of pho. Bellaire is basically Houston’s version of Chinatown except that it’s more heavily influenced by Vietnamese culture making it more densely populated with Vietnamese restaurants, markets, and stores. Our go to pho place is none other than Pho Binh.

About to go HAM on some pho

John's 3rd bowl of pho

My choice this morning. Pho Ga w/ broth on the side

With a traditional family recipe and consistency in quality of food, it’s easy to see why Pho Binh has been written up by popular news blogs such as the Huffington Post. Today we went to the Bellaire location, next time I’ll show you coverage of the original location, which sits humbly in a mobile trailer on the Southside of Houston. This is definitely a must take place for out-of-towners when they come visit us in Houston. Linhbergh Nguyen from Speedhunters knows all about this.

As if we weren’t full enough, we headed just a couple miles down Bellaire to a popular juice bar conveniently named “Juice Box”. This place seriously has every crazy fruit combination you could possibly think of. Everything from fresh fruit teas, mixed fruit smoothies, and fruit shaved ice are made upon order and ready to deliver a for sure gang bang in your mouth.

Shaved Ice. Watermelon. Mango. Strawberries. Condensed milk.

From Juice Box, its always fun to walk across the shopping center into a Japanese gift shop called “Fit”. Take a dollar store on steroids with some JDM flare and you have Fit. Its always interesting to see what new home appliances or gimmicks you can find here.

John always seems to find something for himself

Definitely a cool place to load up on the extensive selection of JDM candy or entertain yourself by looking at all the infomercial quality products.

These were on sale!

This particular Sunday we decided to head out over to Track 21 to brush up on our driving skills. With gas prices through the roof, we decided to consolidate into one car.

John's Daily

Always see some interesting stuff on the road

Even though this was a last minute thought, indoor cart racing turned out to be quite possibly the best idea ever. It had been a few years since I was here last which made me forget how much fun this all was.

Annihilation time

John scoping out the competition

Our weak ass times

Always nice running into local drifters. Luis's 180sx representing Team Silhouette.

As the day began to conclude itself, we touched base with Khiem who didn’t live too far from where we were. Khiem recently just sold his super slammed and menacing 2JZ powered SC300 for something that suited his style a bit more. As sad as I was to see him not drive the SC anymore, he assured me that I needed to come over ASAP to see what took its place. As we pulled up to his house, low and behold a 94’ IMMACULATE FD RX7 sat nicely in the garage. I emphasize the word “immaculate” because the factory paint had zero blemishes and looked like it had never seen a drop of rain.

Breakin necks and breakin ass

The loss of the SC was suddenly justified once I saw how tastefully modified it already was. The FD is definitely my next project car once the S14 is done! There’s just something satisfying about sitting behind the wheel of an FD and feeling like you’re in the cockpit of a jet. Look for updates on Khiem’s FD to come in the near future. Also, don’t worry SC fans! The SC may or may not have stayed within the Mayday group. There also may or may not be parts on the way for it. Keep your eyes out.

As the night progressed, the realization hit that tomorrow was indeed Monday. As David used to always say to me, I wish there were either more hours in the day or there were 2 of me. More blog posts to come soon about our day-to-day Ricer shenanigans! Also, if you’re from Houston and you ever see me out, say what’s up! I usually got Mayday stickers on me!

MayDay Garage.

Completely shot and edited with my iPhone 4.
-MayDay Mikey-

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Random Snaps: Fo Hunded millie.

So Canon USA let our photographer Danh borrow a lens of his choice. Danh’s mentality was to get a lens he would never be able to justify spending the money on. What did he get? The elusive 400mm 2.8 IS L behemoth. This lens is typically for bird watchers, but not in our hands…. So what is our ace photographer Khiem shooting? Find out next week!

Overkill? Maybe. Badass? Definitely.

What's on the other side of that lens??

We also bathe together


Formula D Irwindale: Part 3- The Women of Formula D.

Oh you already know.

I’ve been getting hit up left and right about making a post dedicated to all of the “shorties” that were in attendance at FormulaD. Katy Perry and the Beach Boys made a song about it, so what is there to say about Californian girls? HOT.

I’m not even gonna say anything else. I will let the pictures do the talking.

Andrew's pick of the litter, also featured on the cover of Import Tuner, Melyssa Grace shows us why she's got the stuff.

Sweet Jeezuz, those boots were made for walking.


The Mayday Capital Run: Definitely Dumped Friendly.

Worried about scraping up dead carcasses on the Mayday Capital Run in your Helladumped ride? Fear not, for our very own JohnP has taken time to test out the conditions for the Houston Leg to make sure that you don’t mess up your ride! Now that’s dedication!

The Mayday Capital Run Preview 2010 from MayDay DavidD on Vimeo.

You know this is gonna be good!

Random Snap(s): Late night S14.

One night after doing a rig shot on an upcoming feature car, we decided to mess around and take a few shots on our guinea pig car, Mikey’s S14. It seems we test a lot of things out on his car. Anywho, they came out kinda blurry, but I thought it’d be fun to share with everyone. Check it out:


Then again, we kinda like to have a little fun….

This is the only PG rated shot we could post


Photos taken by Khiem Pham
Sexy legs by Mikey