E-Dirty Six. Coffee and Rice edition.

From this morning’s shindig, this E36 M3 was staring at us with it’s track like, but simple style and street low looks. Actually, there were many BMW’s this morning. Here’s our favorite.

"Nostalgic" Mark cleaning his wet spot on his pants...

Good thing Washington Ave is slammed car friendly

More photos (promise) to come.

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

Max Res Mondays: Greg Strube’s E30 M3.

Like classy cars? Greg Strube’s immaculately clean E30 is a great example of that, and his car can now be your wallpaper in a super sick 5198 x 3549 resolution! Geezuz!

Want to know more about this M3? Check out Greg’s feature here!

Can your monitor handle our Max Res? You know it! Click on the pic to get the Max Res

Photo taken by Khiem Pham. Email him at Khiem@maydaygarage.com