Bag That Ass Up: Kevin Tran’s Super Sweet Lexus RX330


To most people, beige is a color. To those in the automotive world, Big Beige is the nickname the media has christened Toyota Motor Co. The reason? Beige is boring. Toyota is turning into the new Buick, some say. They make safe, reliable, dependable, and almost always, predictable cars and trucks.

Epic sky is Epic.

Event News: One/One Showcase by Fatlace meets Formula D!

With the recent collapse of Hot Import Nights last year and the growing pains in the tuner car show industry, Fatlace heavyweight and tuning OG, Mark Arcenal, has stepped up to the plate.

“Formula DRIFT in conjunction with Fatlace, LLC, is proud to announce the launch of the inaugural ONE OF ONE, the Fatlace Car Show Series. ONE OF ONE is the official Car Show Series of Formula DRIFT and will be held at each 2010 Formula DRIFT event nationwide. The first show of the series will go down at Formula DRIFT Round 1: Streets of Long Beach, adjacent to the track.”

Man this is hype! BRING FORMULA D TO TEXAS THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OTWeb: Rocky Auto Fairlady Z from TAS 2010

Although I can appreciate a very super cleanly executed Vintage S30 Z such as Van’s 73′ 240Z, I have a very strong passion for new school flavor on old school JDM rides.

As I read through Ben Schaffer’s The Real JDM blog to see what perspectives he had on this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, he featured a very gnarly S31 Datsun Z that embodies all of the new school traits of the JDM tuning scene mixed with the classic styling of the original Japanese muscle cars.

Straight from TAS, the Rocky Auto Z pix courtesy of The Real JDM

Straight from TAS, the Rocky Auto Z pix courtesy of The Real JDM

For more pictures and specs of this HKS outfitted, RB26DETT swapped beauty, head on over to Ben’s The Real JDM blog!

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