Quick Post: SEMA Preview #1.

So as we filter through the endless (and I mean endless) sea of cars that make up the SEMA 2011 trade show, I just wanted to show a few images of what we’re covering! Thankfully, SEMA runs all the way through Friday, because honestly, it will take me and Danh that long to cover what we want to cover. We’ll be showing you more than just the cars too, so stay tuned!

Danh has a thing for the Asian girls, so you should expect to see lots! (I'll get the rest)

My absolute favorite car I've seen so far (which can always change), this bagged and super stretched Caddy.

Tanner Foust ripping up the demo track outside in his new car

The Scion FRS concept car was extremely difficult to take pictures of because of the constant crowd around it

Domestic cars with a little Japanese flair always catches our eyes

There were a ton of subies out, but the IAG Performance Impreza owned by Joy Abdalla was definitely the nicest one out there

Not only is it properly shaved and tucked (even better than most Hondas), it performs rather well with it's serious IAG turbo setup

Yeah, see? I told you Danh loves the Asians.

Much much much more to come!