On The Run: Sumo Dinh’s Purple Stuff S13.

Sugar. Water. And of course, purple.

When me and Mikey set out to embark on a 6 hour (7 with breaks) drive in a cramped Mazda Miata for New Orleans, we didn’t know what to expect. The idea was to check out the local car scene in Louisiana and to also keep a look out for any cool cars that we wanted to feature later when we would come back. I had a few cars in mind that I wanted to check out in person, and one such car was Sumo Dinh’s S13 coupe which had just come out of the body shop wearing a new purple suit…

Grimace would be proud

Sumo is all smiles, as he should be, since he just had red beans and rice

OTWeb Video: MotorMavens/Justin Shreeve Films FD Finale.

Storming the interwebs this past week is a video released by MotorMavens and Justin Shreeve Films that has been shared again and again all over car forums and Facebook. This drift video filmed by none other than Justin Shreeve is exactly the type of videos I love, the type of drift video where you get to hear all of the sounds made by the cars- the tires squealing, the crowd cheering, crash crunching sound that a lot of other videos seem to dub over with rock or techno music.

Sit back and watch.

MotorMavens | Formula Drift Finale | Irwindale from Justin Shreeve on Vimeo.


Formula D Irwindale: The Final Part- Everything Else in Pictures.

As we finally come to a close on our epic coverage of FormulaD Final Round, I wanted to make a final post about everything else there is to see attending one of these massive drift events as seen through our camera lenses. Sit back, sip on some coffee, and enjoy the photos!

Low and super wide.

The Mexican Standoff

Sadly, this was Melyssa's last event as "Miss FormulaD"

Fans, drivers, everyone wanted to see the action. Drivers were often seen where the fans were to enjoy the rest of the show

The sun sets over the Falken Booth