OTWeb: Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s longest drift record “unofficially” broken?

A post released this morning at MotorMavens.com, blogger Faruk M. Kagay wrote that professional drifter Vaughn Gittin Jr.’s longest drift record, of 6285ft (non-stop on one set of tires in dry condition), was “unofficially” broken at the International Drift Series’ Round 5 in Germany by Alexander Gräff. Faruk mentions, “Alexander Gräff had come to the event to not only compete, but also to try to publicly break the unofficial Worlds Longest Drift Record (in the dry, with one set of tires) set by Vaughn Gittin Jr. Unfortunately an accident, with his wife (yes, his wife is also a pro drifter!), ended his hopes of doing it in his own “Polizei” BMW 528i drift car.” Going on Faruk explains, “Alex had the motivation to continue to attempt the record in a LPG C6 Z06 Corvette provided to him by GreenAutoGas. Recording over 2,500 meters (8200ft!), he broke the record” More information on this can be found at Faruk M. Kagay’s story on Motormavens! .

To make this official, does Guinness, or some type of committee need to be present? Also, for the record, Vaughn Gittin Jr. DID perfom his feat in a showroom stock Mustang. I wonder if this has any impact on this attempt. I am sure if Vaughn Gittin Jr. unleashes with the Falken Mustang, he might be able to break 10,000 ft, any takers?