Hey everyone!

We have some important details to share with you, as we know a ton of you have questions. We will try to address the more popular questions first.

Deadline is set for MARCH 21st at 11:59PM! After that, you’re SOL.

Roll in-
We have a few different times for roll in.
On Friday, April 3rd, between 9am and noon, we are allowing (up to 50) vendor cars to roll in and leave their cars overnight. The facility will be on lockdown with HPD throughout the week.
Reminder that GRB requires all cars to have less than 1/4 tank of fuel and also have a disconnected battery before the event begins!

For everyone else (basically anyone that is “showing” their car), we have three different roll in times for Saturday, April 4th, the day of the RiceBowl.
7-8am Vendors (This includes support vehicles)
8am First wave of roll in
10am second wave of roll in
Emails with your roll in time will be coming in after registration sometime next week, so please be patient!


Speaking of emails, if you’ve been accepted into RiceBowl, you can expect another email that will ask you if you are a part of a team/group/clan/clique/squad/rival gang/vendor or if you’re rolling solo. We will do our absolute best to park everyone together!

We have been to many shows over the last few decades, and we’ve taken what we know and what we’ve experienced to try to make this as smooth as possible. The goal is to have everyone done and ready before 1pm as we are opening at 2pm. We will have THREE fire marshall’s versus most car events in which they only hire ONE. Although more expensive, we feel that it’s necessary to make for a smooth event.

On the issue of wanting to power your car (because your car battery will be disconnected), if you have a separate battery to run lights, etc (but not give power to the motor/starter/fuel pump), you can, but if it’s more serious, GRB has an alternative solution where they will run a line for power directly to you.
The link for that info is here:

$10 now online for Ricebowl ONLY (until 3/31/15)
$15 online and after 4/1/15 for Ricebowl ONLY
$65 for a 3 day event pass for Anime Matsuri which is now only at the door (online sales ended) and will ALSO get you into RiceBowl in addition to everything Anime Matsuri offers (except for certain VIP events)
Single day AM badges will also get you into Ricebowl!
For online ticket sales for Ricebowl visit this link:


Keep in mind if anyone buys a Ricebowl pass and then decides that they want to check out the rest of the convention (which is highly encouraged), they are able to pay the DIFFERENCE of the AM pass.
For example, Ryan buys a Ricebowl pass the day of the event for $15, he goes to check out the Ricebowl, but sees a ton of kids in cosplay and wants to see what the deal is, so Ryan can go back to ticket sales and pay the $40 difference and come back the next day on Sunday as well!

Ticket sales and everything to do with tickets is all done in a separate hall, Hall A, 3rd floor. Important to note that unlike other car events at George R Brown, there’ll be NO waiting outside. Rain or shine, hot or cold, everyone is allowed to come inside and get in line and pay for their tickets. Again, we have an entire hall JUST for tickets.

The George R. Brown features a 1,600-space parking garage located at the corner of Polk Street and Avenida de las Americas. Conveniently connected to the GRB and the Hilton by Level 2 skywalks, parking couldn’t be easier.

Daily parking rates were recently adjusted. Rates are now $10 at the surface lots $12 at the underground Convention District Parking Garage under Discovery Green and $19 at the Hilton Americas-Houston garage.
In addition, a 650-car garage is located under Discovery Green park across the street from the GRB, and several privately owned surface lots surround the convention center. All are just a short walk away.
For maps visit this link here:

In addition to all of the exclusive concert stuff we have going on (times will be posted before RiceBowl), we will also have TEN food trucks serving for the convention including our very own Rice Box Truck​!!

And as always, even more information will be available at!
Have any questions? Post away.

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