the overall aura of this car is classic.

Another Wednesday, another time to look back and remember the cars that have shaped automotive history. Today’s topic would be the 72-77 Nissan Skyline C110 or popularly know and the “Kenmeri”.  The Skyline C110 got its popular nickname from its J-pop soap opera looking series of ad campaigns about a couple’s joyrides along the countryside; of course, their names… Ken and Mary.

classic white on black, never gets old.

It was launched in September 1972 and three series were available for the public: the 1600, 1800 and 2000. The 2000 Series also included a GT and the sought after GTX version. The Kenmeri was considered advanced in technology during those times because it was equipped with an electronic gasoline injection (EGI) system and later model names were changed to GT-E and GTX-E. It was also the first Japanese spec car that had front and rear disk brake setup.

awesome artwork by Marcus Quach. awesome.

The GTR version of the Kenmeri would be considered one of the rarest among the skyline GTRs because it was only produced from late 1972 – March 1973 with only 197 units produced and sold in Japan alone. Nissan ceased its production because of stricter Japanese emission regulations and oil crisis during that time.

Standard Procedure = Watanabes.

Looking at the Kenmeri, we notice some features that were carried over on to the newer skylines specially more obvious on the new GTR(ie. the rounded tail lights,the fastback shell styling, etc).

Bayside blue, a GTR signature color.

Like I said on my intro, we look back on cars that have helped shape our cars today; and sometimes history repeats its self. The Kenmeri was killed because of a global oil crisis during those hard times. Thinking about it, it’s funny how gas guzzlers and high performance cars were frowned upon during that time, sounds like something that we are experiencing right now: it’s all about miles per gallon, hybrid, biodiesel, blah blah blah.

Looking from back then, and comparing it to where we are now in automotive technology,even when the automotive industry is hit with trials internally and externally, notice that there is only one direction it is going = forward. There will always be alternatives to keep the passion running.

if you're tired of Watanabes, why not Sakuras?


bonus video “Ken & Mary” . (what is up with the drift wood dragging? lol)

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