Don’t you just love random sightings; its like finding a dollar in a parking lot. ¬†Sometimes you come a cross an old school car and admire its well kept paint, crisp interior, how it sounds, the old leather smell, and specially meeting the owner and the story behind the car. That’s one reason why I love classics. The passion and time spent to maintain them is priceless.

Last Friday, my wife and I decided to stop by Freebirds around the SW side of Houston, since she has not been to one. After dinner, we walked to my car and i noticed an old big-body Mercedes coupe parked at the other end of the lot. I decided to drive by it and check it out; and to my surprise, it wasn’t just an ordinary 500SE Coupe, it was an AMG Wide-body (I WAS STOKED). Paint was I believed to be original, body was straight, staggered AMG Penta wheels, it even had the OG color-matched emblems. I wanted to wait for the owner but we had to catch a movie, so I just had to quick snap with my phone so pardon my raw unedited photo.

I shared the picture on my wall and a good friend commented that this is a type of car that the average person would not notice. I’ve seen more F430 Scuderias and CLK63 black series rolling around Houston but spotting a SEC500 AMG Widebody was definitely a treat.

From the AMG catalog but not a Wide-Body.
Wider option…of course i’d take it.


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