CSG S2K plate

As we have finally received the final production version of the infamous Car Shop GLOW (CSG) x Mayday Garage S2000/AP2 LED tail lights, we had the chance to capture the lights for our product showcase. Although hard to see in the following photos, the lights are slightly less tinted than what you’ve seen on Tom’s S2K, but still look just as stunning.


CSG S2K right

CSG S2K pair

CSG S2K tops

CSG S2K plate

CSG S2K warranty stickers

A few notes about the lights-
The lights are brand new, but you will need to reuse the foam piece that normally rests between the actual tail light housing and the S2000 chassis.
The lights will come with detailed instructions on how to re-install the lights with step-by-step photos (don’t worry, it’s still 100% plug-and-play).

Buy them here! http://maydaygarage.com/product/car-shop-glow-honda-s2000-ap2-led-tail-lights/

If you run into any issues, please email us ASAP at MaydayGarage@MaydayGarage.com

We also do international orders! Please email us for any quotes!

–Team Mayday Garage–

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