“May 16, 2010 marked the date of the second Lone Star Bash. LSB as we will refer to it is an idea more than anything. Basically by labeling an event such as this, everyone knows exactly what event they need to ALL come out to, all at once. LSB is a date to bring everyone together. There are no draws like prize money, naked import models, trophies, cotton ball smoke on top of mirrors, or any of that. The draw is hanging out with awesome people that think alike, tandeming 10 cars deep with 100 mph entries, partying the night before, and being a part of something big. While the car show scene has died out in the last few years, leaving the giants HIN and NOPI dead, the drift scene has exploded. And yet it has stayed very grass roots at the same time.

If no one has figured out who is typing this yet, this is Aaron Losey, the guy that puts on all these events around Texas. For years I was keeping drifting in Texas on life support while it was quickly dying because no one was interested. Daily Drifter was an amazing organization who I am still friends with, but as everyones interest fell apart and babies were born, something had to be done. I started my hand at throwing events back in 2004 and threw them at a rate of about one every six months. At this time I am throwing them at least twice a month, if not more often than that. With immense effort by myself and key drivers in the area, we are bringing it back in a huge way, and I’m proud of that! Every driver that is taking pride in their driving and in their car is part of the revival, and I salute you. You are what is awesome with the scene, without cool cars and rad people we would just be sitting around in a parking lot with nothing worth watching, and the spectators which help pay for the venues and the prize money certainly wouldn’t hang around. Next year I have bigger and more awesome things than even this year planned!  So lets get to the event coverage already! We couldn’t get people into the event fast enough because there were just so many people coming in. We have to stop each car for a few seconds to get waivers signed and wrist bands on everyone, and with two people working the gate they still couldn’t keep up. No one had to sit too long though. I want to do nasty things to that Ford Raptor driving through the gate. If you have one that that needs jumping, contact me.

Can I cut?


S13. S13. S13. S13. S13. S13. That about sums up that pic. The drivers meeting was taking place in the background, and all those drivers with their hands up have driven at Mineral Wells before.

Oooo me me me me!

Then we line all the cars up to do a quick drive through of the course. Everyone needs to know where the course goes, how to come off track safely, etc. The pic gives you an idea of the types of cars we have on hand. Everything from IROC Bromaros to Nissans finest, the S13.

Line'em up!

Speaking of Bromaros


Let me tell you about Nate. Nate is one of our up and coming drivers. He has this really clean S13 Sil-80 with a wrapped splitter. The car sports an LS2, and a sweet LSB window sticker! He seems to really be taking the sport seriously lately, and after his driving in Austin last month, he is coming along nicely. There is that Raptor again….. But back to Nate. When I met him a couple years ago I would have never imagined how much he would get involved in drifting. About 1 in 100 people that start drifting find the passion and love to take it to this level. People might look at builds like this and think they are built with just piles of money, but what they are really built with is determination and love. You don’t accidentally take an old S13 and build it into something like this without a vision and passion. It is just too much work, too many late nights, too many favors to ask of people, and too many broken heart moments where you want to quit.

Dead Sexy.

Here is my beast. Green and mean. It has now been dubbed the San Antonio drift car murder, for obvious reasons. It has more frame pulls than it has layers of paint at this point. And it has a lot of layers of paint. And bondo. The car is like an onion, and as you peel each layer of the car back, you find another story. Seriously. I pull stuff out of that car still which scares me. I wouldn’t be surprised if I found a toe or finger under the seat one day. Every once and while I find glass from a previous wreck somewhere in the car, or see a section of the car we cut out and welded back in, or a split frame rail, or… Not one panel, hatch, door, window, piece of glass, or piece of the car is original. Every piece of the car has been destroyed and put back together using favors from friends, or over reaching friendship from certain people. The car has had the motor pulled more than 10 times, has had at least 3 different types of motors in it, broken more than 4-5 trannies, 2-3 diffs, 4-5 axles, and on and on. The only thing that still remains is the unibody. Kind of.

LS1 Goodness

You don’t get any sense of the anger 2 Derrick built LS1 makes engines make as the pump out over 1000hp between them! As I write that, it sounds pretty damn cool LOL. Who would have thought we would be stating numbers like that from drift cars that drive on the local scene. Who would have thought we would be clocking cars into the entry at almost 110 mph! How the time are a-changing!

So easy on the eyes

DTM style thrown away, the shredder mobile is sporting FG everything now. The car everyone loves to hate! The vert RX7 is rocking a built 302 ford motor all the way from Cali. We also had people coming all the way down from St. Louis, Loserana, Oklahoma, and a few other places I can’t point out on a map. The way the two cars are moving together is what drifting is about. Matching the other driver and getting close is what makes for an exciting run.

DTM What?

DA ace Ameen Rivizi is repping the once not popular, now very popular chassis known as the Cressida. Over the past year or so these cars went from junk yard grocery getters from 20 years ago to sought after drift machines. Drop in a 1JZ or 2JZ and you are ready to blow up some tires. The chassis seem to work well, the motors drop in easily, the cars are cheap, they have decent steering angle and fit lots of tires inside of them, RWD is a must that they have. I think they will stick around. I’m surprised we see more of these than BMW drift cars though.

The Grocery getter

Stewart Leask is a driver that has a ton of pride built into his car. Always clean, always running, always competing. Everyone thinks he runs on a big budget, but he runs on tons of elbow grease and my old aero. His car is one of the new bread of Texas drift cars, which are switching over to V8 power for reliability, and simplicity. The motor setup is more about being consistent and KISS than pure power. The chassis is all about cheap, KISS, and not straying down a road that hasn’t been gone down already. You don’t want to reinvent the wheel running a racing program. Basically everything is built with a purpose, and then he added AN fittings until it was blingy. The greatness comes from the steering knuckles and the TE37 wheels. Basically it is a proven combination that all the V8 dudes are rocking, and it is a BRUTAL combination. My LS1 car spins 275s on the highway at 90 mph in a straight line. It does rolling burnouts at 65 mph in traffic on the highway. These setups are hilariously awesome.


The Cressida army is populating itself at a rate not fast enough to take over the S13 brigade. There probably aren’t enough around to match the popularity of the 240sx in general, but they are trying! It helps that JDM JZ motors are sooooo cheap and make soooo much power. What makes this car unique is the T4 turbo, 400whp, and boxy shape.

Cressida Domination

Cali boy just before his door got whacked. Jeff is a really nice guy who will hopefully come drive with us again soon. Dedication is driving 20 hours each way for an event. Just look at the smoke bellow off those rear tires and look like a liquid as it forms to the sides of the car.

Badda Boom

Now that I think about it, the the smaller subsection of the S13 brigade, known as the LS1 S13 guys, is still larger than the Cressida army. The Cressidas have no hope of being mainstream! Here is yet another one of the S13 LS1 guys. I’m pretty sure that is a smile under that helmet : )

If the V8 is a disease, this AE86 caught it. And it works! With a perfectly luxurious idle this 1UZ V8 sounds so peaceful until he cracks the throttle. I personally had my doubts how well this combo could possibly work, but oh man does it. I personally have owned a AE86, and while they are neat cars, they are very very very slow. This one is not. Turns out you just put a V8 in them. Who would have known? Something I learned about this motor is just how well balanced it is from the factory. It really is a crazy smooth idle. Lexus built the motor with a mission, and it fits their cars. Also, if you haven’t figured out the pattern of everything having a V8 nowadays, you should pay attention.

Bad Boy Brad

Low. Low. Low. I would like to say that most Miata owners have some type of pride in their vehicles. What is funny is every one of the Texas drift Miatas is really stylish, low, and cool. And they can afford it when they only have to buy 15 inch tires!

Low n' looking good.

And with that, the previous car has been outdone on the low front. Tucking wheels and scrapping frame, literally, this 350z looks rad. Replica mustang wheels make this car cheaper to build than you might think, and the careful choice of wheel offsets and coil over settings make it rad. It seriously was scraping by the way, every time it found a bump of any kind, it went straight into the pavement. The owner didn’t seem to mind though, and enjoyed the car with a huge smile all day long. I heard him complain about burning up too many tires though, which is obvious when you look at how much camber he runs in the back of the car, and how small of a contact patch he runs. He needs to take out some camber if he wants the tires to wear evenly, and then they will last at least twice as many laps. There is your pro tip of the day.

tuckin' rim

The level of low at this event was pretty epic at times. Tucking rims while static might not be great for actually driving around, but with the hood popped it looks awesome! This driver knows his element : )

The San Antonio crew was in full effect at this event, bringing quite a few cars. They have a unique style too, with several of their cars rocking 15×8 – 0 type wheels, on clever looking aero. Corey might not walk that road, but his friends do. They look equally cool, and lend a neat change to the cookie cutter but awesome recipe for 240 + 17s + aero + sr20 + low. Plus meaty sidewalls can look racecar.


Go check out this dudes build thread. It is crazy clean. His red S14 is built with soooo much love and pride it hurts to even think about it leaving the garage.

This was his compadre, clean clean.

The crowd was HUGE, the drivers were plentiful, the atmosphere was great, the weather was spectacular, it was a Lone Star Bash to remember!

 There were lots of cool little items that were made for the occasion too like T-shirts, stickers, window banners, and other neato stuff too. Check out this Panoramic to see the magnitude of the event!

Until next time.

— Aaron

Bordered pictures courtesy of Jake Guenthardt  (more found here )

Non-bordered pictures  courtesy of Sy Pham (more found here )

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