Candy pink, carbon fiber panels, decals, and neon lights... yup, I'm certainly at HIN.

Before I start with the HIN coverage, allow me to kindly introduce myself… Yes, I am the ‘new guy’, Paul.

Since around 2009, I have been following the Mayday Garage blog for some cool car photos and event coverage. I would like to say that the Mayday guys were one of the reasons why I started to take photos of cars. Of course, there was the innate love for anything automotive, too. What they were doing with their cameras and cars was something that I also wanted to do. I wanted it so bad, that a friend and I were supposed to start something similar. Good thing that plan never materialized, or else I wouldn’t even be here, sharing with you guys.

It is an honor for me to be a part of Mayday Garage. From what I have gathered, nobody even knew, other than Danh, that I was going to be a new member of the team… which leads me to question the authenticity of the “membership.” Kidding aside, they are cool dudes. I have met Mayday Mikey and JohnP over at the Rice Box Truck for Ricer Wednesday, and have yet to meet the rest of the crew.

This, definitely, sounds exciting. Let’s see where this leads. I’m sure it will be a fruitful teamwork.

Now, on to HIN.

The venue, George R. Brown Convention Cneter.

No lines... I got there late. Hah!

So chill. Just drinking on the job.

Forgot to take a photo of the HIN logo... this should be enough though.


This year’s HIN was bigger and hotter. No, I’m not talking about the models, but rather the whole event… bigger attendance, and hotter cars… and models. The crop of cars this year has improved, quality-wise.

S2000's seem to be mainstays in the shows. This one on candy green rims.

Clean and simple.

This S2000 has been on a constant transformation since its inception...

... while keeping it spic-and-span.

That hard top goes well with the Work Meister S1's and rear fender flares.

S2000 + plasti dip + seafoam green = trendy.

Soccer moms rock the matte look too.

This color looks good on this Legacy.

Same color, different car. Plasti-dipped the badge and rims too.

G35 looking great on chrome Gram Lights.

The Infiniti's fraternal twin looking as good.

For some reason, this car just screams RED to me. Underglows and LEDs completing the look.

A more subtle Z34, but equally as impressive.

Same color-way as maydaydphan's Genesis, only on a more muscular car. :P

Keeping it in the same family, here's a nice S30, combining classic beauty with modern technology.


A VQ35 in the engine bay.

Some wide rubber for all that power.

One more Nissan that will not disappoint... a blue Bluebird.

It has an SR20det in that shaved bay.

If I'm not mistaken, this car used to be yellow. I like the blue better.

Very clean in the inside with what looks to be oem gauges and stereo, and doing it right with that Nardi steering wheel.

Those Advan Onis are icing on the cake. They look perfect for that coupe.

These GS Motorsports GTR Skylines were brought to Houston all the way from Irving, TX. HIN asked on FB, what car did people want to see and R32, R33, and R34's were the most popular...

Dat ain't no Chevy Impala!


RB goodniss....

This R33 is doing 900whp...

NNF RHD S13 and GTR R35...

A front lip, drop, and wheels make this Cube look good...

The Prospektus crew had a nice lineup of cars. Most of which were of the bagged life...

Rear tires aren't just for show on this Vette...

Very aggressive fitment in the rear for this Lexus IS on Work Varianza T1S'...

Greg Lilly's Supercharged BRZ sits so low thanks to Accuair in front of the Gillman Subaru tent...

A pair of blue Subaru's sit on Work XD9's and TE37SL's on one side of the Gillman tent...

Nowadays it's rare to see a clean CRX... kudos to this owner...

My ultra wide angle lens distortion makes this lifted SUV look like a toy car...

A very clean Mazda FD RX7 with a rotary engine...


Danh's got some work to do on his own M3 to get on this Hellrot Red's E36 M3 level...

Steve Nuss' MKIV...

Under the hood of Steve's Supra... very clean and not too blingy...

Black on black NSX, all day, everyday.

I usually don't like Eclipses, but this is an exception. It is very tastefully done, and it has the ample performance for its looks.


Team Ikon Tiny's ~400whp tuned Civic hurts feelings...


This Scion tC needed so much power, it had it's own generator...

This engine bay must be haunting Danh in his sleep...

... because this Toyota won best Scion (confusing). Well-deserved.

And you all thought I forgot about the girls, right? No, I wouldn't do that to you... especially on my first post.

They usually come in pairs.

Just some of the materials they were handing out.

But of course, the star of the night... Trinity Dang. People were swarming around her for photos and autographs.

So you would have to make-do with this photo of her with the fans.

The view just outside of the exhibit hall.

So, I had great fun snapping away at HIN… can’t wait for the next one to come, since the event will only grow bigger and better with the support of all local car enthusiasts.

I hope you guys enjoyed the coverage, and my first post here on Mayday Garage. Glad to be on board.

Photo’s were taken exclusively by myself and Ervin Llanera.



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