The Lonestar Run. Houston’s official roll out to Ft. Worth for WekFest.

The Lonestar Run is strictly for entertainment purposes only. It is not a race, therefore Mayday Garage is not responsible for any tickets, deaths, explosions or offensive material such as mooning that happen this run.

Now that being said, Meet-Up time is 9:00am at Greenspoint Mall in the main parking lot and roll-out will be 10:00 SHARP on Friday October 14th.

Some people are going to ask why we are leaving at 10AM on Friday and not 5-6pm and the answer is real simple, traffic. Having multiple cars in a “caravan” during rush hour sucks for everyone, therefore 10AM it is so we avoid the morning rush hour and afternoon rush hour traffic.

Secondly, some people will ask why we are leaving on Friday and not super hella early on Saturday morning. The answer is that we all love to party our asses off on Friday before the show, so, if you want to party with us, then roll out on Friday!

Now, on to the details.

The Lonestar Run. —

When: October 14th, 2011

Where: Greenspoint Mall, 12300 N. Freeway, The corner of 45N and BW8.

Time: 9:00AM Meet, 10:00AM Roll-out

Destination: Ft. Worth Texas

Rules of the Lonestar Run:

1.) Mayday Garage is not responsible for any tickets, wrecks, or broken down cars that one may encounter on The Lonestar Run.
2.) This is not a Cannonball/Gumball 3000 style race; it is a Fun Run/Cruise style of event. “Excessive” speeding is not encouraged..
3.) No Mooning on the Lonestar Run
4.) All Texas State Driving laws are in effect, State Troopers have every right to pull you over if you are driving outside of the law, as mentioned before, Mayday is not responsible for people’s buffoonery.
5.) Respect other drivers
6.) Have Fun!

As for the rest of the details, they will be announced the day of the Lonestar Run.

Until then ladies and gents.

See you guys on the 14th!


– JohnP

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