A few months ago, I got an email from a guy named Keith Maddock who has been following our blog for some time and knew that I had just recently moved to the East Coast. In the email, he informed me that he was one of the founding members of the University of Maryland’s car club, College Park Tuning (CPT) and that he wanted me to come and check out this year’s springtime meet held not at the University of Maryland, but at Bowie Baysox Stadium in Bowie, MD, near D.C. He went on to tell me it was a huge meet, and that it would be well worth my time because a lot of the cars get cabin fever and strut their stuff at this meet.

Kirk Curran's Swaggin' STi

Hot shit. A very subtle NSX with some key performance upgrades will always catch my eye

What it's always been about. Cars, friends, food.


Cressida brothers

If you don't find this cute, you have no heart

It was held on April 29th, a sunday where I had also traveled with Joy and JJ of IAG Performance for a mini photoshoot with Dan Jenkins for Jay Martinez’s Tuner Evolution flyer, a huge show in York, PA. We were running a tad late, but made it a point to make it out the CPT spring meet, a good one and a half hours away from York, PA. We eventually showed up a little after 2pm.

The IAG guys (and girl) know how to make a friggin entrance

Unfortunately, the WRX still has not been properly tuned and results in a very rough idle that's hard to keep it from dying

Triple Threat

Something I’ve noticed is that there are a lot of charity car events so far here in Maryland, which is always a great thing. For the CPT meet, canned donations and money proceeds benefited Martha’s Table, a non profit charitable organization that provides low cost nutritious meals to those in need.

Chris Rios' Team Emotion Mugen outfitted and boosted S2K sittin' pretty

Pits make everything better

Anyone that knows me knows I'm a sucker for JDM wheels on Euros

But I go apeshit over Porsche brakes on any car

Swaps were the name of the game for some cars at the CPT meet, like this LS2 powered Z

Even this G35 had a unique swap

Hmmm swapping a 3.5L N/A V6 for a 2.6L twin turbo I6?

From afar, this Mark 3 Supra looks like any other Supra

until you notice the Toyota big block V8

From what I could tell, there were a ton of cars. Easily hundreds of cars lining the parking lot, with plenty of variety. Everything from tuner car icons like Acura NSX’s and Mazda RX-7’s to high end exotics. Even bikes and donks made an appearance. Sadly, as Joy had unloaded her WRX from the IAG rig, it was nearing 3pm, and most cars had been there since 9 or 10am, so there were a lot of cars leaving. I tried to quickly scout the field looking for unique rides to capture, but with each pass, more cars I came back to were gone. Oh well. I was told I missed out on a bunch of cool cars, but was content enough with what I saw thus far.

Here's a really nice and clean Evo 9

checking out the JZ bros

G'd up

Portable Dyno FTW

There were quite a few unique cars however.

Awww yeah! A slantnose! Where's Mark Manalo when you need him??

The epitome of the term unique with it's real deal Volk Racing CE28N's

A Ford Probe GT FWD Turbo. Yes, I like a lot of different types of cars

Yes, even lowriders. This one is from TX!

Danny Rodman's ultra clean Cressy as he tries to plow me

Although I didn’t get the full impact of the meet, I still had a great time with the dogs, and catching up with my east coast friends Danny Rodman, Khris Uy and Christopher Drinkuth, and meeting new ones such as Jay Martinez and Dan Jenkins. Now that spring is officially here and it’s nice and warm out, I think it may be time to ditch the hardtop on the Miata and run around topless.

We out!


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