1 out of 100 December Drifters....

The month of December is an overall festive time of year that brings friends and families together for joyous celebrations.  Specifically, for the East Coast grassroots drift community, it’s time for the annual 100 Drifters of December event hosted by Summit Point Motorsports Park and Drift Nirvana.  This two-day “Slide Festival” draws in over a 100+ homegrown and semi-pro drifters. They travel from several surrounding states to this awesome track located in small town West Virginia.  For drivers, spectators, tailgaters,and photographers alike, a good time to be had by all!

So, some of you may be asking who the hell is Christopher Drinkuth?!  I was brought on recently by the Mayday Garage team as an East Coast contributor.  They asked me to provide a short introduction to the readers about myself.  Like a lot of readers on here, I stumbled upon Mayday Garage many years ago.  Since then, I have been a big fan of their work.  I had a special opportunity when one of the members made a move to the East Coast last year.  Upon meeting David, I quickly became a close friend and liaison to local happenings.  We shared many of the same interests; cars, beer, and photography primarily.  We shot many automotive events together this past season (Event Preview: ALMS at Virginia International Raceway).  I even received the opportunity to shoot site coverage on my own (Event Coverage: Baltimore Grand Prix 2012 as told in pictures).

I eat, sleep, breathe anything automotive related. My father is a retired mechanical engineer. He has had a great passion for cars dating back to his youth. Thus, I acquired my love from him at a very young age. My dad was a big muscle car fan of the 60’s and 70’s. However, as he got older he really enjoyed the simple/reliable offerings that Honda provided. My first car was passed onto me from my Dad, it was a 1995 Honda Accord EX sedan. I quickly gained an appreciation for the ‘modified’ scene. My next vehicle was a 2001 Acura CL-S. Upon entering my last year of college- I received an early graduation present- my first “tuner” car- a 2002 Sebring Silver Honda S2000. After owning that for almost four years- the small size caught up to me and I sought after a fun sedan. I sold the S2000 and picked up a 2004 World Rally Blue Subaru STi. After owning the Subie for roughly 2 years- I wanted to get out of costly turbo maintenance. I sold her and picked up my 1996 Hellrot BMW M3 coupe in April 2011. I bought her from a local BMW shop-owner. She has been well maintained and I plan to keep her for a while. Despite the vehicles actual age, I feel like the E36 chassis still serves as a fresh palette in the tuner world.

I traveled about an hour out with a photographer/college buddy in the area, Russ Evans.  We both rented full frame bodies for the weekend to conduct some hands on testing of possible future equipment.  Armed with a Canon 5D Mark III, I arrived in the paddock at the Shenandoah Circuit a little later than normal.  Thankfully, I had some time to play with the AF settings prior to the event on this new and untamed beast of a camera!  Upon arrival, I quickly began my journey around this rather large 2.2-mile (3.5 km) road course that features a “no holds barred technical challenge” according to Summit Point Motorsports Park.  This particular event presented two possible tracks for drivers to choose from. Due to my late arrival time, I only ventured around the Shenandoah Circuit. Enough with the chitchat, onto to some pictures!

David Bellomo's S14 sunbathing in the paddock during the late afternoon runs. Maybe arriving late wasn't bad after all?!

Diamond Eyes.

Car's were not the only things being drifted...

A lot of Euro cars made it out. Being a E36 owner myself, I enjoyed the sight!

Without a doubt, the drivers brought a lot of rubber!

The skidpad was packed throughout the day.

Drop Top Bossin'.

Matt Waln brought out his LS-powered E36 for some fun around track.

S14 Zenki <3

Viet was having some rubbing issues that needed some attention.

However, he soon got them figured it.

Who needs them anyways?!

This event followed suit of all drift events I make it out to in the area. Non-stop tire burning action was first and foremost.  However, just take a stroll through the paddock and it’s guaranteed you’ll take a moment to gander at something.  This being a December event in the season, the late afternoon sun just kinda hung around for the latter part of the day.  I had a good time running around the track in the limited amount of time allotted.  I ran into and chatted with a few of the drivers that I’ve met this season.  I also had a chance to bump into a few other automotive photographers in the area. I will definitely be at the 100 Drifters of December event next year!

Robert Schiller of RKS Photography rolled out for some of the trackside action.

Gotta love it when Reese Marin rips it around the circuit!

Some had issues during the day...

While some had some close ass calls!!! Please Scroll lol

I was pretty stoked I caught this whole sequence.

I was shitting my pants too! I hate seeing accidents.

Phew! He's GOOD!

What Camo E36?!?!

Rapper Dan Savage and his new livery for 2012!

Extracurricular Activities.



This thing had 30 day temp tags! Boss!

Thanks to Jimmy James for allowing me to use this video from the event. Check out this cool aerial perspective provided by HELISKOPE!

100 Drifters of December from HELISKOPE on Vimeo.

That time of the day...

Matt ripping it out of Pitt Hill, heading towards the Bus Stop...

The Bus Stop will serve as the first test for Matt before heading into the Karussel.

Waln tackling the tricky Corkscrew portion of the circuit.

240's are a very popular chassis to see running. This one caught my eye, sliding through the Karussel.

This event had an awesome turnout. Despite it being a bit difficult to get good shots in some areas, it was great to see a lot of fans out!

I caught Ben Sarli rolling deep in his S62 powered 540i. Must be nice to have four Sparco's in a saloon!

Club Loose Reppin!

Cousin Itt behind the wheel.

Tony D and his purple FC rolling around in the paddock.

Picking up bitches.

Trackside, MacGyver doesn't have shit on this guy!

Catch my drift?!

Would Ya Look At This

(No Caption Needed)

Reese headed into the sunset falling onto the Back Straight.

As the sun dropped lower in the sky. I really wish I had one of these to get around on!


The Onlookers.

The setting sun proved to give off a nice hue on the wet skidpad.

Bryan Harvey waiting his turn for a stab at the skidpad.

Locked Up.


Cowl Hood FTW!

Silhouette Dancer.

S13 <3!

Russ enjoyed his first time out shooting a motorsports event!

‘Twas a good night.

Once again, I want to thank the Mayday Garage team for the opportunity to contribute to the site.  I will be attending a lot of events in 2013.  Say hello if you see me out there shooting.  I will be on the prowl for cars to feature on the site! Till next time, Cheers!



Photo cred: Sean Perry

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