Thank you Houston.

We wanted to take a minute to thank the car enthusiasts and tuners of Houston and all surrounding areas for coming out to our PreMeet this past weekend. You guys destroyed the food trucks and beer! The turnout was in record numbers that we’ve ever seen! Talking to the WekFest family, they had told us that even in their hometown in Cali, they could never pull off a meet like this because the city would shut them down in ten minutes. Thanks to all of your support, WE shut down the CITY! We loved every minute of it, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting everyone and enjoyed checking out your cars at both venues. We sold out basically all of the Mayday shirts Sunday, and we hear your cries for an online store! We will have something up and running soon, along with new shirts, stickers, and other cool shit!

Thank you to all of you that came up to us at the WekFest show and talked to us. We may seem like a rowdy bunch, but we are approachable! Big thanks to Joey Lee, Mr. Ryan Rywire himself, Ken and Junior and all of the WekFest family, all of the badass guys from 8th Wonder Brewery, Thaison Nguyen and the crew from Natsukashi Garage, Aubre Houck for leading the DFW leg and helping us sell stuff at WekFest, Ryan Weaver for being the best traffic cop we’ve ever used to direct traffic, Sven Neer and Chris Reno of Neer Music for his insane skillz that paid the billz, Hai Le for filming everything and providing us chairs and entertainment, Tiffany and Michelle for being so kind to model for us, all of you guys that we asked to come to our PreMeet to show what Houston has including, Tiny, Justin, Roy, Jorge, Carl, Thomas, Kumar, Jessyca, the entire group of Low-weezy-Ana guys, and the entire crew of Hybrid Racing. THANK YOU!

The Hybrid Racing RHD Integra at the show was one of our favorites!

BRAZZERS. Photo by Khanh.

Keep tuning,
Ricer X

WekFest PreMeet. Saturday, December 14th, 6p-11p, 8th Wonder Brewery, Houston, TX.

Sorry for the lack of updates everyone! We’ve been working feverishly to get John’s NSX, Khiem’s FD3S and our other cars ready for this weekend, and also spent many restless nights preparing for our WekFest PreMeet tomorrow night at 8th Wonder Brewery with StickyDilJoe. This is the one meet you do not want to miss. Sven Neer from Neer Music will be spinning awesome tunes at the meet and we are expecting everyone from every coast and are also expecting an excess of 1100+ people. You ready? Okay, here are some details:
Facebook Event Page


Tomorrow, early Saturday morning, our Dallas Chapter/Leg will be meeting at 9am sharp at the Wells Fargo Bank located at 6535 Skillman St. Dallas, TX 75231. Aubre Houck will be there in her white Kouki S14 240sx as seen in the flyer below. She will have stickers for every car that participates in the run and will be leading everyone to Houston to meet at Moon Tower Inn around 2pm to meet with the Austin Chapter/Leg and the Mayday Garage crew for lunch and beer. Below is a map of the meeting point in Dallas. For any questions or concerns, email her at Also, if you use a cool app called VOXER, it allows you to use your smartphone as a walkie-talkie with others, and Aubre will be using it to communicate with others on the run. Add her username to stay in touch- ahouck506
Facebook Event Page for Dallas


Tomorrow morning, our Austin chapter/leg will be meeting at 10am sharp at Pho Thaison, located in Southpark meadows, 161 W. Slaughter ln, #L850, Austin, TX, 78748. Our man, Thaison Nguyen (yes it’s his restaurant), will be there in his legendary AE86 Corolla as seen in the flyer. He will have stickers for everyone that participates in the run and will be leading everyone to Houston to meet at Moon Tower Inn around 2pm to meet with the Dallas Chapter/Leg and the Mayday Garage crew for lunch and beer. Below is a map of the meeting point in Austin. For any questions or concerns, email him at Also, if you use a cool app called VOXER, it allows you to use your smartphone as a walkie-talkie with others, and Thaison will be using it to communicate with others on the run. Add his username to stay in touch- tnguye8616
Facebook Event Page for Austin


The Austin and Dallas legs will converge here at Moon Tower Inn for badass exotic game hotdogs and Texas handcrafted beer. We’ve had meets here before and can easily accommodate hundreds of cars on the street which is relatively flat. If you are not participating in the Austin/Dallas runs, feel free to meet us here for lunch at 2pm. From here, the actual Premeet is about a mile or so away, so it’s very close. Below is a map of Moon Tower Inn, which is located at 3004 Canal St, Houston, TX 77003.

At 6pm on Saturday, we will allow cars to park at our meet at 8th Wonder Brewery, located at 2202 Dallas St, Houston, TX, 77003. The Mayday Garage crew will be here directing traffic along with our Houston Police Officers. Here we will be serving food from 8th Wonder’s Food truck, Eatsie Boys, and from OUR own food truck, The Rice Box. We will be selling our limited Paul Walker tribute stickers which ALL sales will be donated to his charity, Reach Out World Wide on behalf of Mayday Garage and the city of Houston. It’s important to know that while beers served at 8th Wonder ($3 pints/cups) will be on a CASH ONLY service, the food trucks will accept both cash and cards, so please plan ahead. Bathrooms will be at the meet, but we always suggest a pregame dump before coming, and parking will be on the street.

All of that said, we know some of you will be driving around on some HELLA dumped rides and we will mark every single dip and bump near our meet with large cones. We will also be blocking certain streets (Dallas St is pending), so make sure you follow our map for the safest, most flat road possible to the meet. Although we have made every effort to map out the flattest way possible, this does NOT mean you should speed through, as with any unfamiliar road/street, open your eyes, pay attention, and drive slowly through and your car WILL make it without any scraping. We have tested out the paths with extremely low cars with a 1-1.5″ clearance ourselves, but again, nothing is ever guaranteed. Below is a map of 8th Wonder:

To get to 8th Wonder from I-45 you’ll need to take I-10 East then US-59 as mapped below:

Use the map below this one to get to 8th wonder

To get to 8th Wonder from I-10 West you’ll follow this map below (use this map if you are also coming from I-45 heading south):

If you’re coming in from the south (headed I-45 North), you’ll want to take this map:

If you’re coming into the meet from Moon Tower Inn, you’ll want to take this route:

More will be added to this post should things change, so keep up with the blog for the latest! We’ll see you there!

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X

Paul Walker (1973 – 2013)

A true automotive enthusiast

By now, you’ve all heard the disturbing news of Paul Walker’s death. I didn’t believe it at first when Slappy had sent us a group text yesterday from TMZ so I searched on google to see what I could find. I found a site saying it was a hoax, but then news reports started popping up about the crash. Finally, friends that were at the same charity event Paul Walker was at confirmed it was him in the passenger seat of the Carrera GT next to Roger Roda, the driver.

When it all started...

I didn’t know Paul Walker personally nor have I had the chance to meet him, but like many of you, I grew up watching the Fast and Furious series. He really seemed like a cool, ricer type of guy. I mean just watch this video of him visiting Mine’s in Japan…

He was an icon or legend to most of us ricers, car guys/girls, and automotive enthusiasts because he made it historical. You would be able to look back and remember what you drove (if you were old enough), who you went with, and when you watched each of the fast and furious movies.  Even if you were not a ricer, you knew someone who was, and it should remind you of him, Paul Walker.

Another unforgettable scene from the Fast and Furious (2001)

Thank you and rest in peace, Paul Walker.

Back in the day.

This photo captured by Nick Rico has me wondering- What is going through this gentleman’s head right now? The fact that he stopped to look at this Datsun S30 probably indicates something positive. What I’m wishing- “Back in my day, we used to dust Domestic muscle cars in these”. Hey, it’s a wish, leave me alone.

Photo by Nick Rico

Keep Tuning,
Ricer X