Announcement: The MaydayGarage x SpeedHunters All Japanese Nostalgic Car Meet.

MaydayGarage has teamed up with our good friends at SpeedHunters to bring you the MaydayGarage/SpeedHunters All Japanese Nostalgic Car Meet this Friday, April 1st!

Located in the heart of Downtown Houston, this meet will take place at MoonTower Inn, Houston’s BEST hotdog stand serving exotic meats such as duck, wild boar, pheasant, lamb, venison, and rabbit all served on a warm pretzel bun. MoonTower Inn is also known for their excellent draft beer and huge outdoor venue. A popular spot for cyclists and foodies, MoonTower Inn is also hugely popular with the best chefs in Houston.

Moon Tower Inn
3004 Canal
Houston, TX 77003

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This meet will be held on the streets (very wide) surrounding MoonTower Inn and will start at 5pm sharp. If you want to get your classic JDM ride some serious exposure on MaydayGarage and SpeedHunters‘ blogs, be sure to be there before 7pm where the sunlight is at it’s optimum.

This All Japanese Nostalgic Car Meet is geared towards all Japanese makes pre-1990. Whether they are Datsun 510’s, 240Z’s, Toyota Coronas, Celicas, AE86’s, Mazda RX3’s, RX-7’s or Honda Civic EF’s, everyone is welcomed to attend and both MaydayGarage and SpeedHunters will be looking for unique rides to feature.

So come out and have some great beer and an exotic hotdog and meet your fellow JDM Classic brethren!

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Nostalgic Wednesdays: DEKOTORA

Tuesday night, while I was having dinner and watching reruns of Top Gear, I  received a text message from JohnP asking me what are we having for Nostalgic Wednesdays?   Hmmmm what would be a fitting topic to end 2010? Then he said,  “something Japanese for sure” and I replied, “something ricey!” Bozosoku? Nope! Since 2010 was an awesome year for MaydayGarage, we need something bigger, brighter and wilder to celebrate the end of this epic year.

Why not reminisce the highly decorated colorful trucks from Japan,

Dekotora (デコトラ).

lol wut Optimus Prime?

Nostalgic Wednesdays: The Renault Espace F1, the ULTIMATE Grocery Getter

The year was 1994, and the Paris auto show was going down. Most people were expecting a slew of econo-box mini -vans and new concepts for the savvy consumer of the 90’s. What they were not ready for however was the arrival of one crazy masterpiece conceived by Renault and built by MPV Espace designer, Matra. To celebrate their 10th year anniversary Renault and Matra took their flagship minivan and bred into existence the Espace F1. The Espace, like every other MPV at the time in the world, was ugly as shit. I think the most attractive mini-van of that era was most likely the Toyota previa, and you know for damn sure American minivans in this era were ugly as sin. So, for this corporate duo to whip out this Grocery getting monster, you can say the world, at that time was a bit surprised and probably thought everyone at Renault and Matra were high as hell.

The Ultimate...Grocery Getter

The Ultimate...Grocery Getter

Powered by an 800 horsepower, V-10, 3.5-liter Formula 1 motor, this ultimate grocery getter could get to 125 mph in just shy of 7 seconds. Yup, that is right, sub 7 seconds, 6.9 to be exact with a top speed of 186 miles per hour. For the stats hungry out there, it also dropped a 0-60 bomb from a standstill of just 2.8 seconds. And for those that want a cherry on top, this bad boy also came with a 6-speed sequential automatic transmission, dayum!

Mom's Driving

Mom's Driving

Apparently Renault had taken great lengths to keep this car as agile as possible by essentially taking the “Espace” Body (a carbon fiber version) and dropping it on a double wishbone rear and front suspension (a 1993 winning Formula 1 Grand Prix frame). This was one of the key factors that would help propel this minivan to break physics on the track, well, that, massive slicks and quite possible some of the most gnarly aero-dynamics ever. Check out the wing! It was said to have been able to pull between 1.5 and 2g on the track, amazing.

A fitting donor

A fitting donor

I think one of the best pieces of its design is how the interior was filled with 4 seats. Two buckets for mom and dad, and two for the kids, a perfect car for the perfect nuclear family.

Safety first, now for the ear plugs.

Safety first, now for the ear plugs.

The word amazing doesn’t even come close to describing the awesomeness that is the Renault Espace F1. It is truly a piece of art.



Check out this monster in action!


If I only had the money…


OTWeb: Nissan Cedric a Godfather Tribute

Well, this video is old as hell but I believe it deserves to be posted up here. Featured in this short clip is a Bosozoku style Nissan Cedric that is getting scoped by none other than the legendary “Godfather” of Japanese tuning culture Daijiro Inada. Daijiro Inada, in case you did not know is the man behind Option Mag/Video, Tokyo Auto Salon, D1 Grand Prix, and much more. This cars Horn is fitting for none other than the Godfather himself, Mr. Inada.

The guy is a long time hero of mine, a true innovator…oh, and that Cedric is sick as hell :).