While David is hustling his ass off in the East Coast, I guess I’ll have to contribute something since I’ve been MIA for awhile now. I thought about my trips last year around the U.S. and found Chicago to be the one of the best places to visit, mainly because of the badass skylines, buildings, and people. Southwest airlines happened to have their $69 one way ticket deals so I took advantage of that and booked a ticket to Chicago for 4 days. I had planned to go alone, but since my friend and brother had never been, I invited them to go as well. The trip ended up being an eating fest starting from the time we had landed til the time we had departed back home to Houston. Luckily, I got away for a few hours to attend a car meet at a Toyota dealership in Palatine, IL. It was a good 30-45 minutes NW of downtown Chicago. Now how did I get there if I didn’t rent a car?

I had 10 minutes to take this photo while learning how to work a tripod I've never used before…

A few days before arriving to Chicago, I contacted Ginash of JDMChicago, since he was “the guy” who would know if anything was going on that weekend. A car meet happened to be scheduled the day I had arrived into town called FNL (Friday Night Lights) Saturdays. I had to think of a way to get to the car meet so I asked Ginash if he knew of a way for me to get there. Within a couple of minutes he emails me the contact information of Max L. and what he will be driving. A badass black VIP Style Lexus IS250. I wish I had pulled out my camera as he pulled around the corner because you would not expect something that nice and low to ride around the streets of Chicago.

Ginash explains why he poses like this to Michael and Max.

Max's VIP Lexus IS250 was my ride to the meet.

After getting picked up in style, we headed out to Ginash’s to meet up with the rest of the JDMC crew. There we met up with Michael in his Blue Evo X, Jason and his 535i, and of course Ginash rolled out with his Imola Orange NSX.

The fashionable transporter cars for JDMChicago.

Probably my favorite combo of all time: EVO X with TE's.

Jason's 535i rolling shot from the back.

I forgot how hard it was to do rolling shots while sticking your head and camera out at 80 MPH.

Ginash's Imola Orange NSX with matching color brakes rolling to the meet.

This was the last big car meet of the year and it was definitely “big”. It actually reminded me of the old Planet Zero car meets we had back home in Houston while JohnP was running the car meets but this Toyota parking lot was able to hold 8-900 cars. The meet was scheduled for 7 p.m. but people started rolling in at 5 p.m. to get a decent parking spot. By 7 p.m. you either had a spot or had to wait 30 minutes just to get into the parking lot, drive through, and find any available spots. This was how insanely full it was.

This GC8 caught my eye as I started walking around...

The JDMC guys set up their vendor booth to sling their shirts/stickers/sweaters...

Ginash was prob the biggest douchebag hater at the meet <3

These cars started parking at 5 p.m...

We arrived and had VIP parking because we were the "transporters".

A pair of EVO X's sits pretty as the sun sets.

The other EVO X had on some bronze Work Meister shoes.

I had a wide angle lens on at the time so of course you'll see my shadow by this SC300 on D3S's.

Perfect car meet weather. Not too hot and not too cold.

There were a bunch of clean well kept 86's but this one caught my eye as it was sitting on SSR MK II's.

I'm a sucker for E36 M3's (bc I own one) like this Estoril Blue on some DForce wheels.

Pretty nice squat by this CRZ on CCW's. Wish I could've got the rear end as well but it was heavily underexposed.

David Do would be proud.

Front row seats.

A nice looking RSX on purple NT03's.

White on black.

Another S15???

Ming's widebody S15 on TE37SL's was featured as a certified used car at the meet.

This was Ming's other ride, M35x, on Air Runners/Weds while being dressed up in JP and Fuga wear.

And next to Ming's MX35 was this black Amuse 370Z. I'm not sure what kind of wheels those are though...

Food tent serving hamburgers, hot dogs, and other stuff by Juan? Check.

I can tell which cars they owned....

No bumper style.

A Factory 5 GTM kit car... more than you can afford pal...

Ladies.... he's single.

GT30's always look good on Infiniti's for some reason.

Wish I had pictures of the tennis ball in the center of his wheels... interesting.

The meet had tons of volunteers and help like this guy here. He helped direct some of the 1400 cars that showed up.

Euro poke.

Arrival of the Four Customs Rocket Bunny widebody S13.

Cars kept on coming in...

Mmmm coupe on Work VSXX's.

Those LOS garage guys rocking on their portable stereo system.

Sonny holds the speaker from his ruckus up in the air. Sadly, it's louder than the system in my own car.

It was getting dark and more crowded.

By this time, it took about 30 minutes to get into the dealership lot...

The ruckus scene in Chicago is very impressive... just sucks because they got caught in the rain later that nite.

JDMChicago had some sweet shirts available for purchase.

I'm a little hungry now while writing this blog post... damnit.

I think this is the most dangerous and tallest shifter in the world.

I hope this Si has a good anti theft security system... bc its def eyecandy.

A little bit of RC drifting... too bad they closed it down for more parking spaces.


If you weren't in by 8pm, you were SOL.

A wild Levin from the 70's appears

These guys terrorized the lot with their loud ass pocket bikes. I want one now.

The ruckus scene in Chicago does not disappoint.

VW stances looking good.

I ended up staying at the meet for only couple of hours before heading back into town. In those couple of hours I got to meet old friends and a few new people. One person I got to meet that was really cool was Ming of Fizz Autosports, owner of the Vertex Edge widebody S15 on Volk TE37SL’s. I wasn’t sure if he followed Mayday, but apparently he did. After offering him a sticker, he asked if he should put it on his car, and I asked if he was serious? He said yeah and placed it under his Fizz Autosports decal. Thanks for supporting Mayday, Ming!

Johnp gave me 5 stickers and I gave a couple out to a few select people like Ming here.

Ginash is a really popular guy.

Check out the flakes on this Macadamia metallic colored SW20.

Meaty and hellaflush look. I personally like it.

This place was packed. I couldn't walk through the parking lot without anyone bumping into my camera bag.

The meet lasted til about 10 p.m., but I didn’t stay til the very end. I would have liked to, but just shooting all of the cars at the meet alone was impossible. Getting out of the meet was just as tough as getting into it. You know it was a successful meet when that happens. I got a ride back into the city in Ming’s VIP M35 around 9 p.m. and wanted to end the night early. The timing was almost perfect because as soon as we got to Fizz, it started raining.

A few shout outs to Ginash and Max for helping me find rides and the cool JDM Chicago Option style tshirt, and for checking up on me at the meet, and Ming for the ride back into town. Without these guys I would be either hitchhiking, taking a bus that would take forever, or taking a cab that would burn a hole in my pocket back into the city.

The Fizz Autosport Garage.

You can also check out a video of the meet by Jays Cinematography HERE .

In the 2nd part of my random trip to Chicago, I’ll post about the places where the locals hang out late nights.


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