It’s cold here in the NE. Not like blizzard cold, mind you, but cold enough where people just don’t plain drive their cars. If you’ve noticed recently, I haven’t put up much content from here in Maryland, and I’ve even posted two pictures of my daily car, the Miata, on the blog which isn’t something I would normally do. The reason? It’s freaking cold, man!

Joy's car attracted people like bugs to a light

Turbo's best AZN face

This SC was bangin'!

Chicken dinners for errrone

Let me explain. I’ve been here in “Murrrilund” (that’s how Joy pronounces it) since the beginning of Winter, and I can honestly say I’ve only seen a small handful of modified cars in the past few months. It wasn’t until recently where the cars that have been put away for the winter finally started popping up. I’ve seen a few GTR’s, lots of JDM converted Integras, and a host of Subies come out of the woodwork. And most are actually pretty clean. On another note, for the last 3-4 months, there have been no large meets or shows or car events of any kind here in Maryland, which for me, was kind of a new thing since there are always things to do year round back home in Texas. So when I heard that on April 1st there would be two events, I was stoked. FINARRRY.

There was only one problem, I couldn’t attend both because they were both all-day events. Drift Nirvana was being held at Summit Point in West Virginia and Import Face Off was to be hosted in Crofton, MD, about 30 minutes away from where I live. Drift or Drag and Show? The only car event I have attended since moving here was Drift Nirvana that first weekend in December, so I decided to see what the Drag/Show circuit was like. My friend, Joy, also decided last minute to make her first show debut with her redone WRX at Import Face Off, and that pretty much sealed the deal with my decision to attend.

Loading up the trailer

Dat ass (sans diffuser)

In tow

I had agreed to meet up Joy and Turbo (her ginormous pitbull) at IAG Performance in Westminster that Sunday morning. JJ and Joe were already done loading up the Suby when I pulled up. They trailered it since it’s not drivable at the moment. The car has been in hiding since it’s official debut at SEMA last November in Las Vegas. After sipping on some coffee and scarfing down breakfast sandwiches, we jumped into JJ’s truck and headed to the racetrack in Crofton.

After waiting in a 3 lane line for damn near an hour, we were finally let into the gates. There was a really good turnout as far as spectators go, and these horrendous lines proved that. The Suby was unloaded and front bumper and rear diffuser were put on because the car sits very low. While this was going on, I decided to walk around and check out the actual event.

Joe and JJ assemble the Msports front bumper and front carbon diffuser.

These guys get down and dirty!

Wait, maybe not. Look how clean JJ's hands are. :/

Good thing she knows how to clean, she needs to clean my car too

Diffuser assembled and cleaned

This dog is a slacker. He's not even trying to help.


600whp. Nuff said

It’s been a good while since I’ve attended an import drag race. Funny thing, I used to LOVE coming out to import drag races back in the day over a decade ago, but with each passing year, it’s become less and less exciting for me attend because I feel less people participate outside of the Supra/Honda/DSM circles. The first thing I noticed while checking out the drags was the abundance of domestic cars. I totally understand why they are there, someone has to help pay for the venue, but as much as I love domestic cars (ask anyone, I really do), I came out to check out Imports, so this was kind of a drag (pun intended). There were however a good amount of Hondas that were ready to drag, so much so I got a somewhat nostalgic feeling of being a kid again in the late 90’s where you could witness the drivers trying to tame their FWD cars as they took on each other. Unfortunately, since I only brought my 35mm lens, I could not get close enough to take any decent photos of the drag racing. Sorry for the fail guys.

The Scion TC did not win.

Meat is what's for dinner

Now THIS makes me happy in the pants!

Drag bikes were a common sight.

The Supras never play around when it comes to the quarter mile

Ahhh the feeling of picking up your timeslip from this booth. Always a nervous/exciting feeling

The other part of Import Face Off was the show portion, which in typical IFO style, were cars lined up in rows right outside of the track, which for me, made it extremely difficult to take good photos of the cars. I would love to see IFO actually spread the cars apart so people could take better pictures of the cars, and I’ve actually expressed this a number of times on local forums, but I’m afraid my words fell on deaf ears. In either case, I was able to capture a few cars that piqued my interest.

There was always a ton of people around this damn car

If it wasn't showgoers in the way, was videographers like JD Lazaro of TofuWreck Films in my way. MOVE! jk

There were two nice GTR's there, both white.


What's the deal with all the white cars?

Oh how I love JDM wheels on Euros

Khris Uy says Hi!

Turbo just loves attention. I love giving it to him too

Team Emotion's S2k definitely caught my eye with all of it's Mugen goodies

As did this S2k

Holy crap, that's serious.

Matt Morris' STi helped out IAG's repertoire by bringing home best Subaru

The carbon trunk was definitely nice looking when the sun came out

Only at IFO do you see something like this

Matt didn't mind, so it was cool

I really liked this Civic but it was squeezed in between two other cars so tight, it made taking photos hard

Hard to see here, but the color had a purple hue to it

You can kiiiiiinda see here it here. Not really. You needed to be there

Looks like a normal slammed Porsche

Until you see it from certain angles.

Holy cow

Turns out that IAG also rolled the fenders on this particular 911 and made the wheels fit

Best of show went tooooooo

This CRX!

jk. Joy won.

As the drags came to a close, so did the show portion right around 5 o’clock. We were hungry as hell, so as soon as we loaded the Best of Show winner onto the trailer, we followed Khris Uy to a Checkers burger joint where Joy made the mistake of passing up a Bacon infested burger and ordered me a freaking chicken sandwich while I was taking some pics of her car on the trailer. If you know me, I try to eat healthy, with one exception. Bacon is my Kryptonite. So as I ate my “healthier” sandwich, while everyone around me were making “omg I love bacon” faces, I felt the camaraderie of eating with car friends outside of a non-classy joint and talking about cars. I haven’t felt that way in a while, and it’s nice to know it doesn’t matter which coast I’m on, it’s alive everywhere, and Maryland is no exception.

You can probably tell why the car also won best paint.

No bacon, no care.


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