NEWS FLASH! Ferrari Enzo out on the loose!

What happens when you release a $700,000 garage queen out from a barn?

well, It does what it does best,

it wrecks shops…

WARNING: If you are the type of driver who washes your car once a week using 3 different buckets, hates and avoids puddles, hates swirl marks from dirty rugs, regularly checks the weather channel app for future precipitation, takes your shoes off while vacuuming the inside of your car, buys squash air fresheners not only for your car but for your house as well, who washes the back side of the wheel, and lastly, who applies wax with your bear hands because your body warmth activates or softens the carnauba wax. this video may not be appropriate and  may cause some sudden cringe, twitching of the cheek, or pulling of facial hair. viewer digression is  highly advised.


2,534 thoughts on “NEWS FLASH! Ferrari Enzo out on the loose!

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