Mayday Garage | Event Coverage: The 2012 SEMA Show Part 3: The Finale

Event Coverage: The 2012 SEMA Show Part 3: The Finale

In the third and final installment of “MaydayGarage does 2012 SEMA Show”, we’ll focus on the people at SEMA… only certain people though. While companies have sales or marketing people to interact with the industry crowd, a small number also treat their general public with a little bit more eye candy, if you know what I mean.

No, not this this little mugger, which was in the Ford Exhibit

The last day of the week-long event was sort of a breather for me as I was looking forward to take my time and just observe the last hall. Without knowing what’s on each hall, my strategy was simple: go from left to right, from the left hall to the right. Simple right? Well, this last hall happened to be the Wheels & Accessories / Global Tire Expo and for those who are familiar with SEMA, I should’ve gone the other way… and back. Similar to E3 or CES having “booth babes”, this particular hall was filled with more attractive people, or rather “spokespeople”, than any other area of the venue. This resulting into a busier hall with the general public. In hindsight, I could’ve avoided the larger crowd on the last day if I had the “right to left” decision. Anyway, a little more eye candy surely doesn’t hurt and we make do with what’s available. Let’s begin.

Meet Jessica Weefer, at the AMF Booth. She's so... photogenic.

The Affliction Babe guarding the classic Affliction Chevelle

The Striker Babe reeling in passer-bys to the Ford Striker truck behind her

Kaylee Alana at the Achilles Trailer in front of Daigo Saito's SC430 drift car

Meet the local Nevadan (Las Vegas) Michelle McCoy at the JK Tyre Booth

Krystal Bailey and Julie Mai. Julie says to just think about 'alcohol' and you won't forget Krystal.

One of the Nexen Babes

Meet the adorable Vanessa Bogdanoff at the Nitto Booth.

A couple more Nitto reps

Meet Tracie Carr. She can be my Nurse Joy any day.

Meet THE Trinity Dang

Trinity Dang and Aria Price at the Rohana Wheels Booth

The Commanding Lexani Babe. Didn't get her name though...

Meet the lovely Tailyr Monette.

One of the Giovanna Babes

Meet Queen Esther (Esther Hanuka) at Diablo Wheels Booth

This Acura Babe is on a skin tight Black Widow-esque outfit. So sexy.

One of the Giovanna Babes

The eyes. I'm drawn to her eyes. Anybody know her name?

At the Continental Booth

Random Group

Random Group

Random Group

Shanna Lowder

Nikita Esco (and Kuya Abe)

Michelle Yee

Corissa Furr

This concludes our SEMA coverage and hopefully y’all enjoyed the photos. Knowing how crazy the whole SEMA week was, I should’ve been more prepared. Hopefully I’ll have the same opportunity for 2013.

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Ervin L (el_venn)