Nostalgic Wednesdays: Porsche 930 Gemballa Avalanche

Got to love the 80’s. If there are words to describe the 80’s modified super-car scene; it’d be the massive side strakes, super-wide body kits, and BBS or Ronal mesh wheels. While I was transferring some of my car pictures from my laptop to my external HD, I found an interesting “slant nose” Porsche  930 modified by Gemballa. The 930 Gemballa Avalanche had a the wide-body, side strakes and crazy deep BBS meshies; just by the looks, you can definitely say this car was from the 80’s.

Even though the car was mainly built for looks, the engine was tuned by Alois RUF giving it an extra boost bumping base 300hp to 375hp. There are many interesting details about this Avalanche that are worth sharing. The door handles are shaved, and relocated under the door bulge. Every Avalanche built are not alike, either it had a different front end, interior  or upgraded sound system.

There were 2 generations of the 930 Avalanche; one had a regular side-view mirror, and the second had the rear-view side cameras, making it one of the first production cars to use this technology.

Being a ricer that I am, I love massive rear spoilers (when done right lol); LTW E36 M3, Subaru WRX STI, Lancer EVO, Porsche GT3, Mugen Civic and this Gemballa Avalanche is one. Notice the quality of work and time put into designing this extra piece of gargantuan aero; Love it.

These cars are very rare now. Only 13 were built in a span of 8 years which would probably found hidden around the world by now. Finding one in pristine condition would most probably range from $500k- $1M+. Ever wondered if there were a couple imported to the US?


Back in early-mid 80’s, a pearl white 930 Gemballa Avalanche complete with the rear view cameras was imported to the US. Brand new, the car was priced around $250,000 without the rear-view camera option so it was pretty pricey unless you were an NBA Player or a pop-singer. The Specially RUF tuned twin-turbo Gemballa Avalanche was delivered to a guy named Robert Matthew Van Winkle also known as “Vanilla Ice”; and of course immortalized in his music…

“Get loose as I boost the juice
Once more for the people who wanted it
And didn’t know what’s in store, I’ve got another big hit
Of course a Vanilla rides the groove like a Gemballa Porsche

“Get Loose” -Vanilla Ice

LOL! YES, the 80’s.


Event Coverage: The 2012 SEMA Show Part 3: The Finale

In the third and final installment of “MaydayGarage does 2012 SEMA Show”, we’ll focus on the people at SEMA… only certain people though. While companies have sales or marketing people to interact with the industry crowd, a small number also treat their general public with a little bit more eye candy, if you know what I mean.

No, not this this little mugger, which was in the Ford Exhibit

The last day of the week-long event was sort of a breather for me as I was looking forward to take my time and just observe the last hall. Without knowing what’s on each hall, my strategy was simple: go from left to right, from the left hall to the right. Simple right? Well, this last hall happened to be the Wheels & Accessories / Global Tire Expo and for those who are familiar with SEMA, I should’ve gone the other way… and back. Similar to E3 or CES having “booth babes”, this particular hall was filled with more attractive people, or rather “spokespeople”, than any other area of the venue. This resulting into a busier hall with the general public. In hindsight, I could’ve avoided the larger crowd on the last day if I had the “right to left” decision. Anyway, a little more eye candy surely doesn’t hurt and we make do with what’s available. Let’s begin.

Meet Jessica Weefer, at the AMF Booth. She's so... photogenic.

Event Coverage: 100 Drifters of December 2012

1 out of 100 December Drifters....

The month of December is an overall festive time of year that brings friends and families together for joyous celebrations.  Specifically, for the East Coast grassroots drift community, it’s time for the annual 100 Drifters of December event hosted by Summit Point Motorsports Park and Drift Nirvana.  This two-day “Slide Festival” draws in over a 100+ homegrown and semi-pro drifters. They travel from several surrounding states to this awesome track located in small town West Virginia.  For drivers, spectators, tailgaters,and photographers alike, a good time to be had by all!