Event Coverage: The 2012 SEMA Show Part 2

On the second installment of “MaydayGarage does 2012 SEMA Show”, we’ll mainly focus on the display cars. With hundreds of company display cars inside and lines of show cars outside of the convention halls, the task at hand was overwhelming, in a good way. Let’s begin…

MaydayGarage does 2012 SEMA Show

Since it’s announcement in 2008, the Toyota GT-86, or it’s stateside name Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ, have been eagerly talked in the industry. Fast forward a few years later to the 2012 SEMA show, the majority of the display cars were FR-S’ (and some BRZ’s). It is the year of the FR-S and it’s no surprise that it won SEMA’s Best of Show in Sport/Compact Class. On a side note, Scion also had the FR-S Tuner Challenge where 3 selected tuners where given the opportunity to customize their Scion with a set budget. By the end of the day, Chris Basseglia’s Minty FReSh won. If you haven’t checked out MaydayGarage’s exclusive coverage of Chris’ car yet, CLICK HERE.

minty FReSh FR-S by Chris Basselgia

Fatlace FR-S by Fatlace Motorsports

Evasive Motorsports

Masterminded by Jeremy Lookofsky of CartelCustoms & Mike Vu of MVDesigns

Event Coverage: The 2012 SEMA Show Part1: GRC Style

As we catch up on unposted coverages from this year, the holiday break gave us (me at least) enough extra time to bring you a new one from an annual event that took place last month. Here we have, ‘MaydayGarage does 2012 SEMA Show, part1’.

This was the 2nd time MaydayGarage covered the SEMA Show but as a first time attendee of the event, I really didn’t know what to expect. I know there will be tons of cars to cover, a lot of people and opportunities to attend to, and a number of options the Sin City nightlife has to offer. Weeks before the show, I was prepping up by skimming through last years coverage from our fellow automotive bloggers and getting a little bit of advice from the Mayday OGs and even though every little help helps, being there was totally different. Also, due to unfortunate circumstances, I had to do this solo. I want to say I was mildly prepared, but boy was I in for a week-long treat.

So we kicked off the SEMA week on Tuesday where the final round of the Global Rallycross Championship was held across the LVCC.

Featured events started around sunset

Event Coverage: Hot Import Nights Houston

I’m going to do what we’ve failed to do in awhile… and that is posting coverage within a week of the event. Hah. I’m only doing this because I took some time off from work to get my wisdom tooth removed.  I’m writing this while in pain. Thank god it wasn’t too tough making this post since we only had a handful of ok photos… you’ll see why…

I haven't been to a HIN show in years so I was expecting low light conditions... Chris Young's S/C'd RSX

Only a few handful of people/teams brought lighting gear for their display... Henry' Do's spectrum silver SSR's...

Shooting wide open with my lens and my 5dmk3 I still could barely get the right exposure... Dennis' RX8

David Yim's Accord on TE37's...

Team 5 Star in attendance...

Formula D Irwindale: Maydaydphan’s Perspective

The FormulaD champion... rookie Daigo Saito!

A little over 2 years ago, Mayday Garage rolled 7 deep to cover FormulaD Irwindale, and that was the last time any of us had attended the event. Two years pass by and I had to decide between FormulaD Irwindale or SEMA in Las Vegas. What would you guys have decided?

I decided to cover FormulaD because I’ve been itching to watch some drifting action. SEMA is cool and all, but it’s not as exciting as watching cars trying to keep up by staying within inches of each other . Since it was a last minute decision, the other guys either had to stay back in town to work or were just not available. I could have attended both events, but that would be too many days off from my normal daytime and part time job. Yes, I do have a full time job working in a hospital and a part time job as a wedding videographer shooter. This is why you don’t see my event coverages until a month or two later. Actually,  I’m just lazy as fuck after work.