Nostalgic Wednesdays: 1991-94 Nissan Sentra (B13) SE-R

 The B13 Sentra SE-R is definitely one of the underdogs that have turned into a rare sleeper classic. Nowadays, a pristine B13 Sentra is hard to find, specially an SE-R. If you’re in the market searching for a non-conventional semi-classic Nissan, the B13 SE-R is for you. What makes this early 90′s econo-Nissan so desirable? It’s the classic Datsun motorsports gene in its DNA.

 Equipped with a SR20DE under the hood, it gave out a rev-happy 7500rpm and a power of 140hp. Not only having good motor in, Nissan had to  balance it’s power with transmission gearing modification and stiffer suspension. With that said, the B13 SE-R is a fun daily driver or an initial platform for autoXing. No offense to new generation SE-R owners, I love the spec-V; but personally, this is the last true drivers SE-R. Simple, light and sufficient power. Slap an RB26dett and AWD conversion will make this econobox a perfect sleeper.


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