The Book of Speed by SpeedHunters.

One of Mayday Garage’s biggest inspirations is another car blog that you may have heard about. We have been following SpeedHunters for years now, and have become friends with some of the guys there. Besides being everywhere hunting for speed, one aspect that I absolutely adore is their attention to artistic photography. From Linhbergh (just Linhbergh, kinda like Cher or Madonna) to Larry Chen, I’ve envied their abilities to capture automotive moments on this rock we call earth and hope that one day I can be like them.

That said, I’m excited to say that those crazy bastards have made an entire book that’s 400 pages, 700 photos and weighing over seven pounds of pure art. It chronicles everyday of 2011 through the lenses of 14 different, highly talented photographers. It is available now, but the catch is there is only 1000! If you love cars, art, and photography, this is THE book to get for the year. I’m excited. You should be too.

Be sure to check out the book and read a little bit of what went into it here:
The SpeedHunters Book

images courtesy of SpeedHunters


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