Mayday Garage | Nostalgic Wednesdays: 91-96 Toyota Scepter

Nostalgic Wednesdays: 91-96 Toyota Scepter

Wait, what? a Camry? Yes, in Japan, this generation Camry was called the Toyota Scepter, In the US its “The best selling car in North America”. For today’s NosWeds, I am not going to talk about why it is the best selling car, I am not answering why every Toyota Camry that you see is champagne gold; but instead, i will share a little bit of racing history specially for the 91-96 generation(XV10).

Typically, people don’t associate the Camry with racing. The Camry is known and popular to older folks because of it’s size, cost of maintenance, fuel economy and reliability. If you were an asian kid growing up in the US, no doubt your parents probably owned one and all you ever dreamed was them handing you the keys; just because they upgraded to a champagne gold Lexus ES. Who knew these cars had potential? Yeah the Camry is an FF  with a heavy chasis; but going back into the late 90’s, the 91-96 (XV10) was a contender in the US, South African and Australian Super Touring Championships.

The Camry was against super FR Germans Audi, BMW and other euro cars, Volvo, AlfaRomeo etc; and it gave a good fight finishing 5th and 6th in the BOC Gases Super Touring Championships. Compared to your Civics, Silvias and Corollas, yes, there is a Camry cult lurking around the webz and they have the same passion as the other platform cars mentioned.

That was back in the late 90’s, fast forward to today’s racing scene, the Camry is back but in NASCAR. So far, those are the only generations (XV10, XV30+) that I know that was/is involved in professional circuit racing.

serious family car

What is more nostalgic than hand-me-down cars from our parents? So if you owned or still drive one of these big bodied 90’s sedan, be proud because compared to the other Camrys, this generation is definitely down in racing history books.


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