Friendly Reminder! Baltimore Grand Prix is this weekend!

It’s that time of year again!
If you’re in the Maryland area, be sure to check out the Baltimore Grand Prix featuring my favorite American race series, the American Le Mans Series! If you want to check out my coverage of last year’s event, CLICK HERE!

My favorite shot from last year's BGP


Cover your ears!

Christopher Drinkuth of Primo Lifestyle will be guest shooting in my place, so if you see his ginger ass, say hello to him!


Random Snap: Sleeping NSX.

As I was getting ready to leave the Convention Center in Edison, NJ, home of Wek’Fest East, Tae from SPS garage came by and urged me to come check out his car. “You won’t regret it”, were his words. When I came around the corner, I was greeted by a slumbering NSX tucked neatly away under a truck trailer. NSX’s are already pretty low to the ground, but lowered ones are on skateboard status.

Don’t worry, more to come!

Event Preview: Wek’Fest East!

It’s 2pm, and I just woke up from this weekend’s all nighters. I did a quick edit on a few photos and I’m going right back to sleep. zzZZzzzZZzzzz

I'm pretty sure this was one of the best cars there at Wek'Fest

The boys and girls get ready for the ride home

Kirk Curran's STi on it's way out of the convention center

One of my favorites from the show, this N/A Z32 was so immaculate

There were so many nice Evo's at WekFest, but this Evo X with Varis goodies was outstanding!

Here's your first place Acura from SPS Garage! You'll be seeing more of this guy

Making friends

I haven't seen a nicely done RX-7 FD in ages

870 Applicants, 310 entrants

Check back here soon!

Event Preview: Tuner Evolution 2012

I’m sitting around waiting for the time to pass, and even though the sun never came out, I got a few decent photos, but more importantly, I got a chance to catch up with a few friends! Here’s a couple of snaps to give you an idea.

I absolutely loved these two Luxury/Track inspired sedans

This F430 even had a system in the back! Right under the motor

This NSX had multiple buttcheek imprints

The Canibefriendswithyou crew


First Impression: Subaru BRZ

I’m sure by now everyone and their momma has an opinion on the Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S cars wether it be positive or negative. I generally tend to not give an opinion on any car until I actually drive one, but I have been looking for a new car replacement for quite some time now. Trying to find one of these cars in a manual transmission around Baltimore has been a task to say the least, luckily, JJ over at IAG Performance lent me the keys to their brand new BRZ for me to test drive.

Damn, the front end of these BRZ's are pretty nice.

That's not my hairy arm, I promise

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Event Coverage/Lifestyle: Wek’Fest Los Angeles! Part 1.

Back earlier this year, Joy and I ventured out to San Francisco, CA for two reasons. One, to check out one of the best shows on the west coast, and two, to reunite with my Mayday brethren as we destroyed hotel rooms and shot glasses while celebrating good times.

These dudes are too cute


Oh that Nate Hassler...

Three subies, six boobies

Courtney + Joy = Nobody is safe

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Event Coverage: Carlisle Performance and Style Late Edition.

I'm sure Joy approved of this Supra on TE37's and Endless brakes

My favorite cars there were a trio of serious AE86's

There was much more to do than just check out cars

Some cars were indoors, but most were outside

Another successful photobomb by Takata

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Nostalgic Wednesday: KING by K. Shimura

When you mention Initial D or Wangan Midnight to any ricer, most definitely, it will always spark a conversation. You’ve got a humble Toyota 86 and a passionate Datsun DevilZ, how about some Honda love? Well, While browsing through my saved pictures, I went through a Honda folder and found this picture of a promising Mid-engine, wide body CRX circulated the internets months or years ago..if you don’t remember, here’s the picture..

Then I found some scans I saved of a 2-volume manga tittled King by K. Shimura. It was about a Takumi lookin’ school teacher who converts his 1st Gen CR-X from FF to MR to become the “king” of the Keisuke touge pass.

I was hoping that the CRX stayed with the FR layout and twin cam VTEC but it had a modified mid-mounted Subaru boxer. I liked that it had a custom wide body kit, and SSR MK2s on a 1st gen CRX.   Continue reading

OTWeb: Skyline Famiry Tree

Our friends at Nissan Performance posted this on their FB fan page and I thought it was interesting to see how the skyline has evolved. Not only when it comes to appearance but as well as performance and technology. My personal favorites would be the hakosuka, kenmeri and R33 GTR LM. What is your favorite generation GTR and why?