Nostalgic Wednesdays: Depth of Speed-My Church

In today’s generation, where everything is accessible through the internet, automotive tuning has greatly changed. Back then; you had to drive around to look for that perfect project car(now we have craigslist), you had to scour junkshops or fabricate your parts (now we have online stores), you had to go to meets to find out who was the “go-to” guy for parts and services (now we have blogs and forums), you had to call-in your orders and have them shipped overnight from Japan (ebay?). This video brought be back to roots; I’m amazed with this Datsun owner’s passion and dedication. It takes time, patience, a lot of trials and a lot of errors,  but in the end, it’s worth the drive. Enjoy!

Nostalgic Wednesdays: Slammed Shakotan Sigma

Sometimes, while browsing the internet, we come across pictures that we really like and save them. I  usually save pictures of slammed imports and domestics, stunning motorsport pictures, and insane exotics. Last year while browsing through 7Tune, I came across this Shakotan styled Mitsubishi Galant Sigma. Like oysters, the plain factory Sigma was an acquired taste. This slammed “Shakotan” Sigma sitting on classic Longchamps was like baked oysters with melted butter, garlic and cheese; it left an aftertaste that made me want more. So here’s some pictures I saved and if you guys have some in your stash, send them my way. Pictures are courtesy of random enthusiasts with the same love for this classic.


Random Snap: Nate Hamilton at HyperFest.

It’s been a while since I’ve shot drifting. Today I had the pleasure of checking out HyperFest in West Virginia, and as usual, I’ll be providing a bit of coverage. I know I’m extremely backed up when it comes to providing coverage, but I swear I’m going to knock these out this week! Don’t hate me!

Nate Hamilton doing what Nate Hamilton does.


Nostalgic Wednesdays: Toyota Corolla FX16 GT-S

With the release of the new Toyota 86 also known as the Scion FR-S / Subaru BR-Z here in the states, Toyota tries to bring back the fun in driving. On my way home from my parents the other day, I spotted a black FR-S and I was ecstatic. The JDM sport hatch is back!

Remember the glory years of the hot hatches? there was the Si, GTi, GTX, GLH, and of course the 86. Other than the Trueno, Toyota also gave us the Corolla FX16 GT-S. What is it? Its a 1.6-liter, twin-cam, sixteen-valve, fuel-injected four-cylinder that produces 108 horsepower at 6600 rpm, strapped to one of the smallest lightest Corolla.

Lifestyle: The Foodnetwork

For those who weren’t aware, our fearless leader John P owns and operates not only the only Chinese foodtruck in Houston, but the most gangster! So gangster that The Foodnetwork found it appropriate to interview The Ricebox Food truck during their adventures across North America. The filming was for their newest series, Eat Street. The vision that Eat Street has is to show the different varieties of food trucks from state to state, and city to city. I’m really excited for Eat Street to air as it will show the in’s and out’s of the food truck community while also giving people a new understanding of how much hard work is actually entailed. When the Mayday collective found out Foodnetwork would be filming John, we HAD to host a mini meet, it was only right.

Danny and I getting ready to terrorize the street

Mayday Garage does food trucks!


I have a soft spot for Hondas


The FUCKING Catalina wine mixer


This picture does not do the paint justice!

Order up!


Slangin' Chinese


All business

All Function



The greatest joys in my life come from messing with Uncle John



RB26 inside


Imran's new beater


Justin Rogers lookin fresh!


Essence Garage. Always reppin hard


If you thought your car was low....


After the dust had settled and everything was finally over with, John P said something to me that made me ponder. He said every event no matter what…no matter how thick or thin, big or small, The car guys have always supported Mayday Garage . He’s absolutely right. There’s heated debate about the direction that the “car community” in Houston has taken, but I’ve seen nothing but great things and people. Just made me ponder how lucky I am to be surrounded by the most hardcore car enthusiasts I know right here in Houston, TX. It’s time to give back to the Ricers.

Shot and editied entirely from my iPhone 4.


– Mayday Mikey



Nostalgic Wednesdays: MBenz 500SE Coupe AMG Widebody.

Don’t you just love random sightings; its like finding a dollar in a parking lot.  Sometimes you come a cross an old school car and admire its well kept paint, crisp interior, how it sounds, the old leather smell, and specially meeting the owner and the story behind the car. That’s one reason why I love classics. The passion and time spent to maintain them is priceless.

Last Friday, my wife and I decided to stop by Freebirds around the SW side of Houston, since she has not been to one. After dinner, we walked to my car and i noticed an old big-body Mercedes coupe parked at the other end of the lot. I decided to drive by it and check it out; and to my surprise, it wasn’t just an ordinary 500SE Coupe, it was an AMG Wide-body (I WAS STOKED). Paint was I believed to be original, body was straight, staggered AMG Penta wheels, it even had the OG color-matched emblems. I wanted to wait for the owner but we had to catch a movie, so I just had to quick snap with my phone so pardon my raw unedited photo.

I shared the picture on my wall and a good friend commented that this is a type of car that the average person would not notice. I’ve seen more F430 Scuderias and CLK63 black series rolling around Houston but spotting a SEC500 AMG Widebody was definitely a treat.

From the AMG catalog but not a Wide-Body.
Wider option…of course i’d take it.