Nostalgic Wednesday: Black Limited “eight-six”


If you’re in the market for an 86, good to you finding a clean unmolested chasis. With the 86 synonymous to drifting, you will probably find a fender bent, stripped down, tracked out, zipp-tied, sticker bombed hachi-roku. Sometimes you will get lucky and find a clean PineTree smelling, grandma driven, low milage, Walmart runner; and sometimes find that dream corolla hatch and soon to find your friends laughing cause your funny sounding 86 was really a single-cam carb’d 85 (Initial D: Itsuki’s Hachi-Go).

To make your hunt more challenging, back in 1986, Toyota released the “Black Limited” Trueno Hatch. Continue reading

Nostalgic Wednesdays: Opel/Vauxhall/Chevy/Holden Calibra DTM



Produced from 1989 to 1997, the Calibra was branded with different manufactures in different regions; from South America, Australia and UK. Built from the Opel Vectra’s chasis, designer Erhard Schnell created a mid-size contender against the Japanese sports coupes. An interesting fact about these cars is that it was the most aerodynamic production car during its time. It held it’s title till the Honda Insight and Audi A2 was released.

One reason why I love the Calibra is because of its participation in the International Touring Car Championship in 96. The conversion of the sports coupe to a full race DTM race car earned recognition by winning the best team and driver of that season.

After the victory, the Calibra was withdrawn from motorsports and production ended the following year. In my opinion, the Calibra is definitely one of the well designed AWD, eye-candy DTM race cars ever built.


Event Coverage: College Park Tuning Spring Meet.

A few months ago, I got an email from a guy named Keith Maddock who has been following our blog for some time and knew that I had just recently moved to the East Coast. In the email, he informed me that he was one of the founding members of the University of Maryland’s car club, College Park Tuning (CPT) and that he wanted me to come and check out this year’s springtime meet held not at the University of Maryland, but at Bowie Baysox Stadium in Bowie, MD, near D.C. He went on to tell me it was a huge meet, and that it would be well worth my time because a lot of the cars get cabin fever and strut their stuff at this meet.

Kirk Curran's Swaggin' STi

Hot shit. A very subtle NSX with some key performance upgrades will always catch my eye

What it's always been about. Cars, friends, food.


Cressida brothers

If you don't find this cute, you have no heart

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Keep Drifting Fun! The Movie!

Let me start out by saying that we’ve been waiting for this video FOREVER. It features drifting from all over the United States, including Texas! The awesome guys Will Roegge and Joshua Herron have put together a half hour eyegasm that emphasizes the most important but also the most overlooked aspect of our automotive culture – to have fun. It features local drifters such as Team Silhouette, Chelsea Denofa, Stewart Leask and a host of other guys that we’ve come to known through our blog.

JohnP and I also got a chance to catch up with the KDF duo when we visited Atlanta, GA at a local drift event which is captured here as well. If you have some time, check out this epic video, and share it with your friends, it’s definitely worth your time.


Nostalgic Wednesday: Dodge Omni GLH

Love for automotive has no limits, the pursuit of that dream car is volatile. One thing I love about the tuning world is when someone builds something totally unexpected of what it was supposed to be. I will never forget back then when my friends and I mess with our cars and one of my friend’s dad dad would observe us and comment; ” Japanese engineers spent millions in research and development to build that car and here you are boys messing with it.” I love how an economy car delivering tofu in Japan could be a glorified mountain pass racer. Meanwhile, here in the US, a Texas born hot-rod tuning legend named Carroll Shelby picked one of the least desirable cars as his project; a Dodge Omni. The builder was famous for building Ford Mustangs but not everyone knows that he also had collaborations with Chrysler-Dodge and built limited edition Chargers and Omnis. Continue reading

Mayday Lifestyle: On the Street

This past Sunday, Kimo (Team SunWorks President) hosted his highly anticipated event, The All Team Bash. Kimo’s summer meet happens once a year and draws out the best of the best teams in Houston from show cars, to drift cars, to VIP cars and everything else in-between. Due to finals, I unfortunately was unable to get away from my desk long enough to attend ATB. John P also couldn’t attend either because he operates his food truck (@RiceBoxTruck) at the same hours of the meet. John P decided that since there were already a ton of ricers out and about, he would make the announcement for a private MayDay Garage meet later that evening. The last minute venue we had chosen was a cool little hangout called, Liberty Station, which sat on one of the most popular streets in Houston, Washington Ave. There was already Cinco de Mayo festivities going on, so hosting a small meet here seemed appropriate.


The good thing about Liberty Station is that they usually always have different food trucks providing drunken hungriness. On this particular day, 3 food trucks had come out for Cinco de Mayo but my appetite only let me try one.


The Happy Ending Foodtruck sittin pretty at Liberty Station


The Happy Ending food truck (@HappyEndingsHTX) is what I went with since I hadn’t had it before. It consisted of classic Filipino style cuisine with a modern approach to it and it was hella good. If you ever see them out, TRY THEM! Get a burger or hotdog to try their bread, you won’t regret it. If I’m not mistaken, their bread is home made and has a really nice fluffy sweetness to it. If you’ve ever had Hawaiian bread, it tastes pretty similar.


Steak fries. Kewpie mayo. Spicy sauce. Perfect pairing for beer.


John P eating his ass off as usual



Our Ace photographer, Khiem


Jace's Kandy red S13


This is Jace


check out that sweet ass bumper sticker on Danh's M3


I have a soft spot for AMG C63's


Khiems new project



Clean clean clean GS on Work Euroline SL


Danny finally bringing his RWB to the light


Rough World.



Good times with good peoples


What started out as a small last minute thing, turned out to be an idea to do more often. Since John P threw his last large car meet (MayDay Junction 2008), we’ve been scourging for different venues to host another meet of the same caliber which almost made us lose sight of why we started MayDay Garage in the first place. It’s not about big events of meets; it’s about keeping it on the street. The idea that came about is to have smaller meets, more often. Give people incentive to drive their cars more and just come have fun with us whether it be attacking the Beltway or grabbing a late night bite. Keep updated with our Facebook page, as this will be the main communication tool we will use to let everyone know when/where it’s going down.


P.S. – Not to worry. The revival of Mayday Junction is still in the works.

Shot and edited entirely with my iphone 4.

- Mayday Mikey

Nostalgic Wednesdays: 90′s BTCC Volvo 850R Estate

I love how BTCC slam their cars with 18s and 19s and come out still functional. lol

There are times that I miss having my 2000 323i wagon. Specially when my neighbor drives by driving her boxy volvo wagon. She wasn’t driving an ordinary Volvo wagon, she had a 850R. It took me a long time to really love how this car looks. One fact that made me more interested in the 850R Estate was it’s racing history. Back in the early 90′s, The 850 estate was entered into the BTCC. Everyone thought it was a joke and a marketing gimmick and it worked. Volvo wanted to prove that the Swedish company don’t just build super safe cars, but also build cars that has performance. Rumored that an 850 sedan was supposed to be used to compete in BTCC but there was only a wagon shell available.

They thought that the estate’s long roofline would provide an advantage in aerodynamics than the sedan. Then later found out that the saloon, equipped with a rear wing, it had a much better downforce than the Estate without rear spoiler;LOL Ricers.  Continue reading

Random Snap: Pit Stop.

One of the joys of owning a Pit Bull is that you get to see how happy they are when they’re near people. Takata’s whole butt moves from side to side as she wags her little puppy tail when people approach her ready to pet her soft coat. Likewise, Joy’s red nose Pit Bull, an extra large boy named Turbo, is always happy to meet new people, and especially, kids.

Despite what mainstream media would like to tell you, Pit Bulls are great with kids, and were even used as nannies before they were used as status symbols by not-so-savory types. So while I was relaxing under the IAG tent during this past Sunday’s College Park Tuning Springtime event, I noticed a little girl that was so excited to ask Joy for permission to pet the dog that was three times her size. She gave him some affection, and in typical Pit Bull fashion, Turbo loved every second, wagging his tail and smelling the little girl’s hands. I managed to snap off this pic while holding Takata with my other hand.

Pit Bulls - One of the greatest breeds

Just wanted to share a moment that made me smile.

More photos coming soon of this event!