Event Coverage: TX2K12 Supra/GTR Nationals, Night Meet, and Track Day.

You can definitely tell when there’s a huge event in town… when the smell of race gas is in the air… cops waiting at every other exit along “Mexico”… sounds of large monstrous exhaust mufflers ripping up and down the highways. That’s right, the TX2K12 night meets/track/dyno day happens once a year in March and Houston just happens to be the playground for these ridiculously high powered cars: Supras, GT-Rs, Corvettes, and TT Lambos just to name a few. If you’re not familiar with TX2K, check out David’s post from last year HERE as I cannot describe as well as he can about the event. I couldn’t be at some of the day events so most of the coverage photos will mainly be from Khiem and Slappy.

You def missed out if you weren't there... i missed out =/

Can anyone spot Mayday Slappy?

It's not how you drive your car, but the way you sit by it.

Nostalgic Wednesdays: 90-92 Infiniti M30

Last Wednesday, we received a lot of feedback and most of you guys showed some love for the CB7 Accord. I also got some email saying “why glorify the CB7, they’re so common!” and some were “show us something that you don’t see everyday”. The CB7 was definitely a popular car for regular Joes, and a great platform for enthusiasts. Sometimes we come across a car that we never see everyday; one of them is the Infiniti M30. Based on the R30 Skyline, the M30,also known as the Nissan Leopard in Japan, was a competitor to the Toyota Camry, Lexus GS and ES. Compared to the Leopard, the M30 had a different engine, transmission and suspension.  With its potential and capabilities, like other Nissans of its kind, the M30 is definitely a hard to find treasure now a days.



Nostalgic Wednesday: The Honda Accord CB7

perfection. photo by Andrew covering nisei 2010

Definitely my favorite Honda Accord generation. I’m saying not because of what I have read, or seen but because I actually did own a 1992 4 door Accord EX. I bought it for a good price from a friend who was moving to New Jersey. It had standard transmission, fully auto w/ sunroof, body was straight, had good miles on it, it ran perfect but had no AC and all I had to do was charge it cans of r134a. The car was promising, it got me from point A to B with no problem specially for an old Accord. I was planning on having it repainted Dark Amethyst Pearl then drop it tintless with some 4×114 Civic TypeR wheels. My plan was simple, a clean daily i could use for school and work.  Things came up unexpectedly during those times and having 3 cars was not feasible, so I had to let one go; my wife’s BMW (HELL NO, she’d kill me) my 98 civic sedan (just cant let go) and the 92 Accord. And yes, sadly I parted ways with the Accord. Till this day, I wish i still had it; I even told the buyer to let me know if he was planning on selling it again. And every time I see pictures of a clean CB7 or rolling on the road, oh the memories!

PRIMESNIPER from CB7Tuner.com…pinching my heart a bit.


Random Snap: Cherry Blossoms in Maryland.

I was driving home one late afternoon, and as I was pulling up to my house, I noticed the trees looked much different. I parked. I got out, and stared at these fluffy white, pink and yellow trees. What were once just a bunch of sad looking twigs that were lined up along the Inner Harbor in Baltimore were now fully bloomed Cherry Blossoms that adorned the streets and brought so much more color.

I decided to run inside my place, grab my camera and take a few photos of these trees. I parked the daily along the street where I take Takata for walks along the Harbor.

Baltimore, MD

I think this week or next I’m taking Takata and maybe Turbo to the centennial Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC. If you’re in the DC/MD/VA area, you should definitely check it out!


I’m starting to really like Maryland.

Nostalgic Wednesdays: All Cleared

If you live in Houston, you know about the 610 loop and i10 Katy interchange during rush hour; Yes, I was stuck. I was not going to work but I was heading Katy to pick up my son then drive home.  Sometimes driving in traffic can be really frustrating. To avoid the rage, I amuse my self by checking out cars around me. So yesterday I spotted a silver Mercedes-Benz C55, NICE pretty rare. As it passed me, beside it, on the other lane was a factory fresh 98 front, cyclone blue Honda Civic sedan. I mean it had hubcaps, no tint, paint was mint, body was straight and as it was rolling BAMM, ALL CLEAR TAIL LIGHTS. The tail lights caught me off guard; I was slapped with a sudden burst of nostalgia. I was brought back when my 56k was fast, when I thought my Moto mini Pager was the shit, when I was recording guest DJ’s from the radio to my cassette tape. Who would have thought that a set of “ricer” tail lights would bring so much memories, it made my ride home less stressful remembering the things I used to do. Who would have thought that some “all-clear” tails cleared my thoughts of road rage during a stressful rush hour drive.


-Photo by: Khiem