Nostalgic Wed/OTWeb Vid: KenMeri <3 <3 <3

A few Nostalgic wednesdays ago, we reminisced about the Skyline 2000GT-R C110 ”Ken&Mary”. While searching random stuff on youtube, I stumbled upon this video of the Kenmeri captured by our friends from GTChannel. I loved the simplicity of the video on how its just a raw walk around with out the Final Cut pro super editing. I loved the attention to detail they captured with simple zooms and pans that allowed us to appreciate the texture of the original paint. The “Kenmeri” would still be my favorite skyline GTR. This video would probably be the closest way to satisfy my dream of simply walking around the car and checking it out. If you put a Ferrari GTO and a Kenmeri GTR side by side; yup, Kenmeri wins my attention. Have a good Wednesday and enjoy the video.


Random Snap: Downtown Baltimore.

I don’t really ever take pictures of any of my cars, but I snapped this pic two nights ago as I was wandering around aimlessly in downtown Baltimore near the Inner Harbor where I currently live. I then let fellow protographer Khiem Pham make a quick edit, and this is the result.

Yes, I know. I drive a hairdresser’s car, but it gets great gas mileage!

MaydayGarage Does Japan. Day two. (part 1 of 2)


Sorry about the serious delay. I’ve been a bit busy at my job and between that and trying to recover from my recent illness, I’ve been trying to desperately find the time to put up day two from our travels to Japan. Don’t fret! We’re gonna blow your minds with another awesome post that will make your computer/phone explode.

Mayday. Fucking. Garage.

In the belly of the beast! RWB Japan!

This wasn't for bowling



Like all things in Japan, this one falls under the category of cute.

Saturday trains = not so crowded.

They're not even looking at the Ferrari!!!! >:(

Dat RE Amemiya knows how to make a car

BBS still in the game

Heaven is made up of brake kits

Put on your battle gear, it's time to get down

Hide yo daughters, Japan. Mayday is in town.

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Nostalgic Wednesday: Classic Toyota FJ40

One of my favorite search tags on craigslist is “FJ40″ or “BJ40″. I have always been a fan of the land cruisers and have always been lurking the used market; not that I plan on buying one soon but just an idea on their value. An interesting fact about these FJ is that in Brazil, they were called the Toyota Bandeirantes; they were built till 2001 with very similar looks and feature from the original J40.  Even though these old classic trucks are called to be clones of the landrover or the Jeep, it has it’s own character compared to the others. If i were given the chance to choose to own a Mercedes Benz G wagon, or a fully restored FJ40, I’d take the the Toyota in a heart beat.

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Nostalgic Wednesdays:1990-1994 Nissan Pulsar GTi-R

GTi-R? nope, it wasn’t a typo, and it’s not a VW Golf. The Nissan Pulsar/Sunny GTi-R was built by Nissan in the early 90′s. The GTi-R was a homologated 2 litre turbo-charged AWD 3-door hatch competing in the WRC Group-A.

The reason why I love this hatch is because of its underdog status.It takes time for someone to get used to it’s 3 door, some kind of un-attractive design and it’s a fairly popular platform compared to the Escorts, WRX and Evo’s.  Continue reading