Mayday Garage | Nostalgic Wednesday: Mazda RX-792P

Nostalgic Wednesday: Mazda RX-792P

A few Nostalgic Wednesdays ago, I posted the Renown Mazda 787B (David’s favorite); it was the first and only Japanese race car that dominated the 24hr Le Mans. That same year (91′), the FIA banned the Wankel Rotary. Since Mazda was still high off of the championship fumes, why not start building another prototype race car, so in 1992, the RX-792P was born!

In 1992, Mazda entered the RX-792P in the IMSA GTP since rotary power wasn’t banned. With all hopes up and foot on the pedal for a championship in 93, Mazda tried to develop and improve the race car’s chasis. Equipped with the same engine in the 787B, the 4-rotor displacement weighing at 1750 lb. caused concerns to other teams. The Mazda RX-792P had a power to weight ratio advantage against its competitors even it produced the least horsepower.  With all the excitement building up for the next season, Mazda decides to cancel the RX-792P project on December 1992 and pulls out of racing in 1993. The RX-792P may have never won a race but it left a mark in racing development and design. Ever wondered where the Mazda Furai got it’s shadow? yupp…exactly.


Feast your eyes with this unicorn and turn up the volume and listen to this screaming siren on Laguna Seca.


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