Nostalgic Wednesdays: “Slammed”


Driving something  that is lower than factory height, it’s helpless having questions pop in your head as you drive over a speed bump, enter a garage or a ramp. Questions like “is it easier attacking the ramp from the oposite lane?” , “If I scrape, will it hit my oil pan or just my subframe?”, “if the ramp angle is 37 degrees, what would my angle entering the ramp be?” and many more. Browsing the web, i found this interesting video of Bosozoku drivers doing math. It made me smile how these drivers show us how they strategically enter the ramp, well it’s actually a “baby ramp” compared to most ramps (LOL).

To some, this video may be boring. For ricers, this video may spark some nostalgia on when the days you had your car all the way down. For me, It brought me back to the good o’days when me and some friends cruise around the streets of Houston for some snacks on a hot day or coffee on a chilly night; good times.






Nostalgic Wednesdays: 1 Year Later…

November 20th 2010, I got a text message from David asking me to meet up at a Starbucks by the Greenway Plaza. I asked him why, he said “just show up and I’ll tell you”. It was a cold and rainy Saturday, what a perfect weather to stay in and be lazy, but I hopped in my car and drove to see this dude. Got there and as soon as I parked, I saw JohnP pull up in his Lex, then Khiem, then Mikey, then David and Alana. It was a meeting, Laptops out, Option mags out, and discussion started about Mayday plans for 2011. I was like, “wait..why am I here?” Then David and John looked at me and said, “Mark, we’ve read your blogs and we want you to write Nostalgic Wednesdays” *gasp* I smiled and said, “lol, you read my stuff?! I thought I was my own follower.”

So one year later, here I am remembering that day I met these awesome and driven league of extraordinary gentlemen. You guys are awesome like briefs, Thanks for the support!! And as a tribute to a year of me writing about remembering, here’s a collage of classic car brochures/ads that I have covered so far, some pictures collected and saved.


OTWeb Video: Six Days.

Don’t worry guys, i’m still alive. I’ve been busy like you wouldn’t believe getting ready for my move to Baltimore, MD, but in the meantime, check out this really cool video made by Stephen Brooks brought to you by our favorite buds at!