Nostalgic Wednesdays: “Slammed”


Driving something  that is lower than factory height, it’s helpless having questions pop in your head as you drive over a speed bump, enter a garage or a ramp. Questions like “is it easier attacking the ramp from the oposite lane?” , “If I scrape, will it hit my oil pan or just my subframe?”, “if the ramp angle is 37 degrees, what would my angle entering the ramp be?” and many more. Browsing the web, i found this interesting video of Bosozoku drivers doing math. It made me smile how these drivers show us how they strategically enter the ramp, well it’s actually a “baby ramp” compared to most ramps (LOL).

To some, this video may be boring. For ricers, this video may spark some nostalgia on when the days you had your car all the way down. For me, It brought me back to the good o’days when me and some friends cruise around the streets of Houston for some snacks on a hot day or coffee on a chilly night; good times.






Nostalgic Wednesdays: 1 Year Later…

November 20th 2010, I got a text message from David asking me to meet up at a Starbucks by the Greenway Plaza. I asked him why, he said “just show up and I’ll tell you”. It was a cold and rainy Saturday, what a perfect weather to stay in and be lazy, but I hopped in my car and drove to see this dude. Got there and as soon as I parked, I saw JohnP pull up in his Lex, then Khiem, then Mikey, then David and Alana. It was a meeting, Laptops out, Option mags out, and discussion started about Mayday plans for 2011. I was like, “wait..why am I here?” Then David and John looked at me and said, “Mark, we’ve read your blogs and we want you to write Nostalgic Wednesdays” *gasp* I smiled and said, “lol, you read my stuff?! I thought I was my own follower.”

So one year later, here I am remembering that day I met these awesome and driven league of extraordinary gentlemen. You guys are awesome like briefs, Thanks for the support!! And as a tribute to a year of me writing about remembering, here’s a collage of classic car brochures/ads that I have covered so far, some pictures collected and saved.


OTWeb Video: Six Days.

Don’t worry guys, i’m still alive. I’ve been busy like you wouldn’t believe getting ready for my move to Baltimore, MD, but in the meantime, check out this really cool video made by Stephen Brooks brought to you by our favorite buds at!


Nostalgic Wednesday: Mazda RX-792P

A few Nostalgic Wednesdays ago, I posted the Renown Mazda 787B (David’s favorite); it was the first and only Japanese race car that dominated the 24hr Le Mans. That same year (91′), the FIA banned the Wankel Rotary. Since Mazda was still high off of the championship fumes, why not start building another prototype race car, so in 1992, the RX-792P was born!

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Event Coverage: The SEMA Show 2011 pt. 1

A few months back, some of the guys decided they wanted to go back to the final round of FormulaD in Irwindale, CA, but the scheduling was out of the way for some of us.  So JohnP and I decided to go til about a month ago when the question of SEMA came up, “Why don’t we go to SEMA instead? We’ve never been and a bunch of people are going!” A few weeks later and some vacations days requested, I was lucky enough to change the FormulaD days I took off for to the SEMA show days of Nov. 1-4.  By this time, JohnP had business to take care of at home so MaydayDavid stepped in to be Maydays’ spokesperson/photographer/editor/writer/partner/spouse.

Welcome to SEMA 2011!

The third person of our group attending SEMA was Mayday Danny.  You should remember his name because we’ve recently released information that he is currently building a 993 RWB.  Danny booked his flight to SEMA at the last minute just for the sole reason of meeting RWB’s Nakai-san whom later visited Houston to check out the roads, clubs, and steakhouse. Overall, Nakai-san likes the “openness” of Texas :)

I wish we had a photo of Danny meeting Nakai-san for the first time, but we didn't make it til the 2nd day of the show.

Rotiforms were the choice of wheels for Mark's RWB Pandora One.

RWB 964 owned by Brian Scotto of Hoonigan.

Das boot.

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Quick Post: SEMA Preview #2.

Something I’ve realized in the past few days is that when you party after a car show or event, it’s typically not that hard to deal with a hangover the next day, but when you do this multiple days in a row in a city like Las Vegas, well, it’s a bit challenging. Actually, covering 13 straight miles of modified cars is challenging to do sober, forget hungover.

Me and Danh are back (barely) in Houston, and we’re starting to go through our photos and starting the editing process. If you’ll forgive us on the slight delay, I promise you we’ll try to get you some awesome coverage out soon during the week. Until that happens, I’ll leave a few pictures of SEMA for you guys to check out.

Someone told me that this year's SEMA show was expecting around 250,000 people! That's half a million buttcheeks. Think about that.

Everywhere I looked, there were Camaros, old, new, slammed, fast, slow, you name it.

Because Racecar?

It was damn near impossible to take photos of cars without people standing by it, so I said eff it.

Even this hipster from SpeedHunters kept blocking my shots. Thanks Linhbergh! :/

When I first saw this dime in the Enkei booth, I thought I was dreaming! So clean!

Soooooo many cars, sooooo many people.

The euros were out in full force

There were demos everywhere

Good thing there weren't kids around. Most of the parts on display were X-Rated

It wasn't just Ford Festivas and Honda Civics at SEMA, there were a LOT of super high end cars.

Always funny for me to watch the really really old guys ask the girls for photos (I may be one of them)

Most of the old muscle cars there were dropped on huge wheels and BBK's.

I overheard more than a few people talking about how they either loved or hated this car.

This picture probably shows you about 5% of the SEMA show.

This red chrome wrap was absolutely bonkers.

I recognize that noggin, it's Chip Foose!

Kevin Hart was even there to make people laugh as he signed autographs

It's always a guarantee that there were models in tight clothes signing autographs to horny guys!

There are TWO interesting things going on in this picture. Spot them.

Mandatory RWB picture

Mark Arcenal's rendition

Don't worry guys, we did all the walking for you! More to come, we promise!


Quick Post: SEMA Preview #1.

So as we filter through the endless (and I mean endless) sea of cars that make up the SEMA 2011 trade show, I just wanted to show a few images of what we’re covering! Thankfully, SEMA runs all the way through Friday, because honestly, it will take me and Danh that long to cover what we want to cover. We’ll be showing you more than just the cars too, so stay tuned!

Danh has a thing for the Asian girls, so you should expect to see lots! (I'll get the rest)

My absolute favorite car I've seen so far (which can always change), this bagged and super stretched Caddy.

Tanner Foust ripping up the demo track outside in his new car

The Scion FRS concept car was extremely difficult to take pictures of because of the constant crowd around it

Domestic cars with a little Japanese flair always catches our eyes

There were a ton of subies out, but the IAG Performance Impreza owned by Joy Abdalla was definitely the nicest one out there

Not only is it properly shaved and tucked (even better than most Hondas), it performs rather well with it's serious IAG turbo setup

Yeah, see? I told you Danh loves the Asians.

Much much much more to come!


Nostalgic Wednesdays:1991 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4

Long before WRX and Evo’s roamed the roads, there was the Galant VR4 (E39A). It was the result of Mitsubishi to homologate the car for World Rally Championship Group A and N competition.  The Galant VR4 (“Viscous Realtime 4″) was equipped with a 2.0 litre twin cam turbocharged 4G63 engine and in its strongest variation produced 237hp and 224lbs of torque and full time 4wd. For a big car it managed spritely performance with a 0-100km/h time of 7.3 seconds and a quarter mile time of 15.3 seconds; wich makes this 4 door family car a potential ultimate “sleeper”. A forever classic, the Galant VR-4 represented a successful blend of the finest characteristics of a four-door sport sedan along with advanced high-performance engineering technology by Mitsubishi.

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