If Batman Liked VTEC: Nick Udstad’s Black and Beautiful Turbo S2000.

You know what really grinds my gears? When people assume things. It’s the most annoying thing in the world. Like when people assume I don’t want ice cream because I’m asian and all asians supposedly are lactose intolerant. Or when people categorize any type of electronic music as “techno”. Or even when a stranger comes up to you and asks you where to score weed because you are at a liquor store. It’s pretty stupid, I’d say.

I'm not a morning person, but damn, this morning was good.

That fool is runnin a Honda two thousand

Normally I'd insert a racially inappropriate comment about this booty shot, but it's too easy.

Danh doing work with his squinty eyes.

This goes also into the realm of the import world, where people like to characterize certain cars and styles based on what they hear. For example, when I asked some people at a restaurant and bar where I could find the owner of this black and flush Honda, they looked at me as if I didn’t know what I was looking at. “Oh, you mean that black S2000? Yeah, it’s not flush, I thought you were talking about another car,” said one onlooker. Sigh. Guess I should of just said “that black and super badass Honda”, that would of probably eliminated some confusion. Good thing me and Mikey found Nick, the owner of this pristine AP2 S2K, later that evening, or heads would have rolled (I kid).

Nostalgic Wednesdays: BMW 2002tii


Among BMW enthusiasts, one of the most desirable cars is the 2002tii. On one Saturday afternoon, I had an arrangement to meet up this guy and buy his wheels. After inspecting the goods I bought, we had a small chat about his current project; a 2002tii. He owned a mint 98′ E36 m3, had to sell it for a non-running condition 2002tii and bought a beat-up 92′ Accord for daily; That’s how desirable the 2002tii was. What makes this compact German so wanted by most? Here are some little known facts about the 2002tii.

The BMW 2002tii was built from 1968-1976. It was an evolutionary 2-door sport sedan (2-door sedan?) that  spurred to the creation of the 3-series.  Introduced in the US, the 2002tii became one of the 1st “cult-cars” and was one of the reasons why the BMWCCA was born. It was BMW’s lifesaver from a  bankruptcy and it  marked a name for BMW in the US.

yea like my car yes?

OTWeb Video: WekFest Pre-Meet by Mark Razmandi.

Another great video arises…

We almost missed this video that was posted on our Facebook page. I just so happened to browse through what FB thought was spam, and found this awesome video made by Mark Razmandi. Enjoy!

**edit: Apologies for all those trying to view the video through their mobile device, it will only play in non mobile versions, i.e. computers**

Mayday Garage x Baker Tuning: Pre-Wekfest meet from Mark Razmandi on Vimeo.

Don’t forget to look below this post for our final part 2 on the Wek’Fest Pre-Meet! We’ll see you on the Lonestar Run October 14th at 10am!

Event Coverage: Wek’Fest Pre-Meet at Baker Tuning part 2.

In part one of our coverage, I just posted a bunch of pictures, cause I was just wanting to throw out a small portion of our pictures before the internet got flooded with others.

So now I’m gonna throw out a LOT more photos so our readers can see what went down.

Ronald's 1JZ powered FD was turning all sorts of heads

And here they started to roll in and it wasn't even time for meet to start!

The Powerful and Fabulous PowerFab G35. All show, and all Go.

Yes, people weren't just sitting by their cars...

The Strictly G'z crew showed up in strong numbers.

If you guessed this FD had a non-rotary motor, you guessed right.

The crowd listens as JohnP calls out Bingo Balls.

Jk. He was calling out names in our free raffle for swag, but on weekends JohnP does play Bingo