Nostalgic Wednesdays: SS Works CRX

As I was cleaning up my hard drive, I stumbled on a video I had titled The “Roaring VTEC: Battle at 10,000 RPM”. The video included one of, or probably the best Honda CRX ever built; the SS Works CRX. I fell in love with this CRX for 3 reasons;

1. Back to school – The SS Works CRX with its super lightweight 720kg chassis sends the Esprit NSX, Spoon S2000 and others back to the drawing board. If I’m not mistaken, it still holds the record for the fastest NA FF around the Tsukuba running around 59s, followed by the Yellow Factory Civic. Continue reading

Event Coverage: WEKFEST Chicago 2011

While the other guys were shooting Dennis To’s RX8 and private meet, I took a trip up north to visit the “Windy City” aka Chicago.   A few things I’ve learned about Chicago are 1.) Most people, if not everyone there, are pretty cool and not douche bags *cough*; 2.) Traffic going to downtown is ridiculous at all times of day; 3.) White Castle is overrated but still good at 3 A.M.; 4.) The Chicago style deep dish pizza is not meant for one person… ugh; 5.) The weather can be awesome one day and a tropical storm the next; and finally 6.) I was surprised by the amount of badass cars around the city/state that attended WekFest Chi-town.

Early ass flight from Houston to O'Hare.... 2.5 hrs.

O'Hare is supposably one of the world's busiest airport... looked pretty dead to me at 9AM.

F*** taxi’s and buses….
I’m taking the mofo’ train! Just because it was cheaper and faster. 


Once I got off the train, I really had no clue where I was so… I just started following people.
I was actually in the James R. Thompson Center… aka the State building.
Roamed around downtown and saw this weird statue thing.
A big ass reflective bean in the middle of the park? Awesome.
A view of the lake.

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Max Res Mondays: Houston Represent.

You guys know we are based out of Houston, TX (or maybe you didn’t!), so for today, we will put up this awesome image of Dennis To’s 04′ Mazda RX-8 we shot last Sunday at our private meet right outside of Downtown Houston. Epic skies + Epic car + Epic skyline = Epic wallpaper. Photo by Khiem Pham.


An Opulence of Style: Dennis To’s Silky Smooth Mazda RX-8.

If I was given a dollar for every car that has been thrown at me to consider featuring on MaydayGarage, I’d have enough money to buy myself a set of decent wheels for the daily. When I get the opportunity to check out local meets, i’m always in scouting mode, scanning the endless sea of imports to find “that” car. Sometimes I’ll strike out, but then sometimes I’ll come across a car that will instantly catch my eye.

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Nostalgic Wednesdays: Story of the Other Silvia

When we talk about Nissan Silvias, we think of the S13, S14 and S15. Little do we know, or have herd about the S12 Silvia; known as the 1984-88 200sx in North America and the Gazelle in some parts of Asia. At first glance, the wedge-shaped Silvia may remind you of an AE86, or an MKII Supra or specially the 83 Honda Accord hatch; just because this body style was popular during those times.

Yeah, to some of ya’ll it looks nostalgic borring, commonly designed car during the 80s, yeah,why did you bring this car up Mark? What if… Continue reading

JTran Studios Summer Meet ver. 2011.

JTran Studios, named aptly after it’s owner, Johnny Tran (not the guy who got narc’d out), has been a positive driving force in Houston’s Tuner scene since owning Wings West Touring wings were cool. As such, this local North Houston shop which houses an AWD Mustang Dyno and work-bays-a-plenty, has seen it’s fair share of different types of trends fall and rise. Something I absolutely admire about JTran studios is it’s “Total Tuning” mindset which is very common to see in tuner shops in Japan. What is “Total Tuning”? In a word, everything. Suspension work, big brake conversions, interiors, sound systems, aero work, and of course engine modifications that are include, but not limited to; forced induction, dyno tuning, fabrication and serious engine builds. Some shops concentrate on only one or two areas, but the folks at JTran Studios “get it”, and the cars that come from this respective shop are typically cars that we see setting the bar at meets and shows here locally.

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Nostalgic Wednesdays: The History of Subaru.

This Nostalgic Wednesday, the History of Subaru. Mark our Nostalgic editor has ventured into the great plains of North America and is absent this Wednesday, therefore I will share with you a bit Fuji Heavy Industries past. Enjoy.

I think the musical score was ripped from a Final Fantasy Worldly theme, maybe from I or II? Either way, the music makes this Nostalgic piece even more bad ass.

- JohnP

Class Action Suit: Tot Tuong’s C63 AMG Street Terror.

AMG stands for Aufrecht Melcher Großaspach (I have no clue how to pronounce that), a subsidiary of the Mercedes-Benz car maker, but to me, it’s a hell of a lot easier to remember AMG as A MENDACIOUS GIRL.
What’s a mendacious girl, you ask? Basically, a two faced woman who’s good at being quite deceitful.

Most men will tell you that their ideal woman is a respectable, classy lady by day, and a complete slut at night. Hey, I can’t speak for all men, but there is a bit of truth behind this saying, and Tot Tuong’s C63 AMG is the proverbial proof in the pudding.

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