Back in Action: Richie Ngo’s Track/Street Honda S2000.

Stance is dead.

No doubt if you and some buddies get together, it’s pretty normal to do one of a few things- talk about cars, talk about women, or talk about more cars. A very controversial subject that is now coming up while talking with booze in one hand is the state of stance. When I was talking to a colleague of mine recently, he boldly declared, “stance is dead.” Now I’m not going to be stirring any pots here by talking about what most people think HellaFlush/Stance is, but I want to clarify what exactly “Stance” means to me. In my opinion, “stance” is not about how a car looks in correlation with its tire/wheel fitment, or even how low the car sits on the pavement. It’s about “presence”, or how a car makes you feel by taking one glance at it. I often use the term presence to describe a car that I’m attracted to. We’ve all felt this presence in one way or another, Darth Vader felt this when Luke Skywalker walked onto a spaceship, I’ve felt this presence when I looked directly into the eyes of a raging bull. I have the urine stains to prove it.

When Mikey was telling me about his buddy Richie Ngo’s Honda S2000 I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical because, for one, it was in The Woodlands, and two, it was a Honda, which typically meant that it would be somewhat understated. My stereotypes were put to rest when I finally laid eyes on the beauty that you see before you. The first thought that came to mind after seeing the front of the car barely hovering over the cobblestones it was providing shade for was how the car gave off a track like presence as dictated by its stance. You didn’t have to be Darth Vader to realize that this car’s presence was from the dark side, but in a good way.

Nostalgic Wednesdays: How Legends Are Restored

Here is a video by Josh Clason(via Depth of Speed) of Eric Bizek of JDM Legends. JDM Legends is a garage in Salt Lake UT that specializes in restoration and sales of classic Japanese cars. They take an extra amount of pride with their work that everything is documented if each part that is refurbished or replaced. Their attention to detail is evident in the cars that they build and sell. I admire this shop’s passion, their pursuit of building and restoring close to perfect vintage Japanese legends.


HBTV: Depth of Speed – JDM Legends Restored from HBTV on Vimeo.


Nostalgic Wednesdays: Honda Life

Some of you may know, (or if it’s obvious) I’ m a Honda fan, from cars to motorcycles. I may drive a German car but a factory fresh lookin’ CR-X rolling down the freeway ooh still breaks my neck. For today’s Nostalgic Wednesday, I would like to share a site that I have been visiting for the past few years, it’s the Honda Japan website (lol). Seriously, I visit the site specifically for Bow’s Gallery.

popular "post a pic of your pet" among s2000 owners.

Ikeda Kazuhiro, commonly known as “Bow” was commissioned by Honda Japan to paint Honda cars, bikes, lawnmowers, and other products. He creates this works of art with a dreamy effect (Power of dreams perhaps?).  The reason why I keep on coming back to visit his gallery is because I admire how he creates a picture of a simple, relaxed life. It’s a picture that you would imagine of you, sitting on your lawn chair drinking an ice cold lemonade and staring at your car on a sunday afternoon with your dog. It’s Honda life, a life how Honda wanted their customers to enjoy with their products.


Some of my favorites;

almost extinct rex. hard to find them in mint condition.

Love this cause it has the CT-70 "Dax" on it.

what are you doing Lassie, you can't drive a car, you're a dog.

like i said, chillin in front of my garage sipping an ice cold glass of lemonade with my yellow Lab. lol

Proud puppy with asimo with the NSX.