Mayday Garage | Event Coverage: Coffee and Cars, June Edition

Event Coverage: Coffee and Cars, June Edition

We are back for more Coffee and Cars

We missed out the last two months of C&C so I had to make an effort to make it this time around.  I called up the Mayday guys to see who would be able to make it.  Only Mayday Mikey and Venn were available to join me in the early morning Texas heat.  JohnP, David, and Khiem were busy filming the 48 Hour film festival (I later joined to help out also) and Slappy (Andrew) headed out to the West Coast to cover WekFest (coverage coming Friday so check back!).

The attendance was overwhelming as usual.

TT M3 Goodness

Jace's S13 drives past a row of NSX's

As we are now approaching summer weather here in Texas, you can expect temperatures to easily reach 101F.  Luckily on Saturday, the high was only 97F…. not a big difference so it was not unusual to see red faces and shirts that look like they’ve just came out of a washer.  And with that kind of heat, when you have 1,000+ cars show up to Coffee and Cars, one thing comes to mind; the true enthusiast. The funny thing though is that you don’t even have to be an enthusiast to enjoy this event.  I spotted about 100 dslr’s out there and about a quarter of them had some serious gear.

Are you paying attention to the car or the puddle of sweat on that man's back?


with a clean red interior.

An antique all the way from San Antonio

Gonna help this s2k sell his ride...

Yup, for sale and sitting on CCW's

Where are the front brakes??

I guess it's only needed in the rear wheels...

El Venn goofing off.

You thought I was kidding about the serious photography gear?

THE special guest

There was also a special guest this Coffee and Cars, the Lexus LFA. It was the first time I’ve seen the Lexus LFA in Houston.  It’s been spotted around Houston on local forums, but now that I’ve seen it in person, I hope I can try and persuade the owner to let me do a photoshoot of it :D /shameless plug

Not bad looking for a $400,000 car.


I'm on the fence about the polished wheels though

This was the fourth month Coffee and Cars had held their monthly gathering at the classy Vintage Park and unlike Uptown Galleria, the shop and property owners are actually welcoming and have no problems with the once a month car enthusiasts’ meeting. It looks like Houston C&C will have a place to stay for a while or until someone * cough * Red GTO * cough * ruins the party by losing control and hitting a tree.

Gotta love Japanese Nostalgics

The owner says he gets funny looks when he spins his rear tires...

Produces a little over 400HP @ 15 PSI. Check out the dyno by clicking the photo.

I guess they're serious

They are damn serious to have a snail that big

A very hardcore enthusiast, Nico, attends most of the events in Houston and runs TexasMotorEvents

Teh exotics

A sexy red SLS was the other neck breaker at this event

Ze cockpit

Either the car is really wide or he doesn't know how to park...

I like red....

especially when it doesn't use any gas.

This Texas Mile participant is probably explaining what it's like to go 230MPH.


Matt Dobre's stanced M1LF

Being that low can be a pain sometimes.

Wonder what TonyG was shooting with his 70-200....

Yep, I would too.

Preventative action

I think we could use more trash bins around the venue... jussayin'.

About time to head out of this heat!

Ever heard what an LFA sounds like in person? This was a quick clip taken by my 5dmk2.

Lexus LFA Revs from Danh Phan on Vimeo.

Until next month, enjoy!

Pictures were taken by Mayday Mikey, Venn, and myself exclusively for Mayday Garage.

For more full resolution photos, go HERE to my gallery and HERE for Mayday Mikey’s gallery.


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